Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring Break

So I have been a little MIA!  I totally had good intentions of doing a new post on Monday from Spring Break and let you know of all the boring exciting things going on with us but I have been swamped with orders from Papercutz!  I got 8 new orders last week!  I love my business but hello don't they know that it was spring break & I have kids to entertain?!?!  So, needless to say we had a fabulous but crazy spring break!  I am still working on order & trying to get ready for a show next week, and for the local farmer's market!  I am SO looking forward to summer so that some of my "yearly" duties will be done & I will have a little free time in other areas!  Well, anyways here's what we did over our fabulous Spring Break!  It truly was fabulous!  We did a LOT for being on Dave Ramsey-we were blessed a lot too!  Check out the pictures & see for yourself!

We hit up the park with my sweet friend Cheryl & her girls!  My kids saved up their money & Lily bought those bubbles-she LOVED them!

We went for a day trip to Abilene with my mom!

On St. Patrick's Day we hung out with Nanny all day doing this...

Chick-Fil-A Lunch & picnic at the park...

Followed by some shopping & then ice cream!

We had so much fun playing all week long!  We even went to the drive in's, had a play date with a friend, watched movies, played outside & just loved being together-most of the time.  ;-)  We are SO BLESSED with Gea's & Nanny's who love to spoil our kids to new clothes for summer, lunch dates & toys!

My cup runneth over...
and so does my laundry!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring Fling Event

Don't forget to stop by our Spring Fling next week!  Put it in on your calendar right now so you don't forget!
Lots of great vendors!  Be sure to stop by Papercutz to enter our giveaway!  Lots of fun stuff available!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Our Weekend

Friday kicked off spring break for us this week so our break includes lots of family time, free activities (thanks to Dave Ramsey), and our big highlight a trip to Abilene Zoo.  I joke about Dave Ramsey because to be quite honest the free activities are the ones your kids love the nights, game nights, the library...etc.  Since we are on our budget we are watching every penny!  It has been awesome though!

Our weekend was kind of laid back.  We hung out at home on Friday night.  Gabe won a family game night through his new chore chart.  It is AMAZING!  I first saw it here, and was intrigued because of Dave Ramsey.  We have been talking about his whole "commission chart" and this free program allows us to put in our own chores, bonus jobs he can do, and what all the rewards are.  One of ours was a game night, along with extra books at bedtime, extra tv time, all the way to the ultimate reward a new wii game!  It the neat thing is that it is synced with so you & your child can sit down and choose what he wants his rewards should be.  Another favorite feature that we are starting to teach Gabe is about giving.  It has a give button and he can put some of his points in the give category along with save & spend.  You should check it out.

All that to say Gabe worked in the yard this weekend cleaning up leaves to earn more points as one of his extra jobs!  He worked so hard I was so proud of him.
Lily rode around on her new wheels Gea got her at a garage sale.
Daddy cleaned out our death trap garage.  Put in this super huge shelf someone gave us!
(slightly embarrassed to even show it, haha)

Gabe took a climbing break on the ladder to the attic!

I helped my mom fill these little shower favors that I made with candy!  

After everyone had worked so hard all day we took our envelope :-) and went to the drive-in's!
(I love this picture of him!  He's so cute!)
We saw Rango and Gnomeo & Juliet, both which were cute!  I was shocked to see that both of my kids stayed up for 2 movies!  Seriously?

Sunday I worked on more party orders for Papercutz and we just took it easy.  The best part was our late night run for ice cream with Gea & Poppie.  Take note my kids go to bed at 7:15 & 7:30...we didn't even leave for ice cream until 8:15!  But hey it's what spring break is for!  Plus we had fun!

What are y'all doing over break??

Friday, March 11, 2011

Our Life...

So it has been kind of quiet around here lately!  Our house has been filled with sick germs for the past couple weeks and now everyone is finally feeling better, praise the Lord!  I sure hate when my kids are sick.  I am glad it is not very often!  This is what we have been up to....

Fun, right?  Not so much!  Good thing for Daddy's & Grandparents for extra snuggles!

I couldn't resist sharing Lily's latest artwork she did a couple weeks ago...

Lovely isn't it?  No, I couldn't get it off!  So now our living room has all these marks on the wall where I have scrubbed along with the remaining artwork!  :-)

It resulted in this!
Sad day I know!  


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