Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Gearing Up For Summer

Here are a few things that are on my agenda for the summer so far...I am sure there will be more to come!

I want to make a fabric wreath so bad!  I bought the stuff I just haven't done it.  The best part is...the kids can help make it too!  Great afternoon project to do!

I want to paint some rocks with Gabe for the garden, especially the herb garden!  How fun is that?

Side note, I had this today for the first time & I think I will be addicted to it all summer.  SO GOOD!  I'm actually drinking one right now...

I definitely think I want to make some of these one afternoon.  Wish I could say rainy day but if I wait for that we will never get to make these!  It hasn't rained in 8 months!

Of course we will be making snow cones in our snow cone maker!  So fun to do when friends come over!

 Another Tie-dye party is a must!  We had so much fun last year doing it!

 I came across this one day & thought-how fun it would be draped in our backyard! 

Our biggest plan for this summer is to head to

Okay so not necessarily the city more like....
Lake George, NY!  Pure Bliss!

We will be going on a ROAD TRIP!  (maybe not so blissful-but definitely adventurous!) 

We will also be swimming, swimming, and more swimming...any chance we can get!  My kids are part fish & LOVE the water!

If you know of any fun road trip games send them my way...so far on the list is maps so we can mark off what states we have gone through, licence plate game, and bingo.  Also going to do wrapped gifts & prizes for along the way.  Obviously all the standard stuff, cards, coloring books, electronics...etc.  Send some ideas my way!

Memorial Day Weekend

We kicked off our weekend with 2 parties on Saturday-a pool party & a roller skating party!  We were wiped out on Sunday so we decided to lay low.  We went to church in the morningn & then came home & built a fabulous fort in the living room that is still hanging.  We painted.  We watched movies & snuggled all afternoon & evening!

 On Monday we got to celebrate Memorial Day and what better way to teach Gabe about what that day is all about than go to the museum.  So that's is what we did!  We went to the CAF museum and explored everything they had going on.  Gabe got to learn a lot!  We even got to talk about what memorial day means.

 They even got to make their own flying planes out of a plate-how fun!

 We went swimming and then headed over to my parents house to celebrate my Dad's 25th birthday-again!  Gabe wrapped his gift in lots and lots of packing tape.

It was a great day spent with family!  Now to officially kick off our first week of summer vacation!  On today's agenda-pool party & lunch with some friends!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Last Few Days of School

On Wednesday morning Gabe had his award ceremony.  We scored some new long sleeve shirts for next year-just $5!  Lily had to give it a try!

 Gabe got every award possible!  He got his AAA award & he also got 3 medals.  One for scholarly performance, principals award & a tiger paw.
 I was SO proud of him!
 Thursday was his field trip to Dennis the Menance Park.
 Friday he got out early so I surprised him with all of the pool stuff & thought what better way to kick off summer than to go swimming!  So I blew off all my cleaning & did just that!  
 We had such a good time.  I think Gabe went down the waterslide over 100 times!  Lily even went too!
I am excited for summer vacation!

Friday, May 27, 2011

***Free Download*** Memorial Day Toppers

Decorate your plate this Memorial Day weekend with some of these fabulous toppers!  Just simply download, cut or punch out & attach to toothpicks, popsicle sticks, straws, or even lolipop sticks.  Use them for your cupcakes, appetizers, straw toppers...etc.  Circles Measure 1.75"

Hope you have a fabulous Memorial Day Weekend!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Field Day

Gabe has just 2 days left until summer vacation!  I am so excited for him to be home this summer but I feel so unprepared at the same time.  So, if you want to hang out please let me know, ha!  With my business growing so much I feel like I don't have all the extra time to put together crazy activities.  So, I am going to schedule some time over the weekend to do just that!  Make some fun summer activity days!

This week at school has been party, after party!  Monday was Gabe's Field Day at school.  His very first field day.  It was so much fun.  The 6th graders helped put it on and they did such a great job.  All of the relay races that they did were creative & fun.  Some I had never seen before!  Gabe did good...he had one bloody nose from it being so dry....and one major wipe out that caused tears & a skinned up knee.  All in all he had a great time!  Lily did too!  She got to do one of my favorite things-people watch!  :-)

That night at school they had an International Fair.  Gabe's grade did Mexico!

I can't wait to show you all of the pictures from Gabe's reward ceremony today!  I was so proud of him for getting AAA and all 3 Medals.  More to come tomorrow!

Imagination Explosion

So I have been wanting to get these pictures up since the weekend but between the last week of school, orders & fires...well I have been a little busy.  Haha!  Last weekend I was able to take part in Imagination Explosion!  You can read more about it here.   During the afternoon photoshoots Bill & the kids came up for lunch & to play at the park!
Can anyone name this tree?  I LOVE them!

 My kids LOVED climbing all over the weeping willows!
 Gabe seriously dug in the dirt for-forever!
 Lily walked around wacking everyone with her stick.  :-)  Lovely!

Don't you just love this sweet flower headband.  It's from Specs and Wings!  You need to visit her Etsy Shop and buy one right NOW!  She also has some FABULOUS art!  Go check it out!

Hope you are having a great week!  I hope to get some Field Day pictures up soon!


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