Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I'm Dreaming of a....

White Christmas!  Ever since we went to Colorado for Thanksgiving I am secretly hoping we will get a little snow this winter!  We had such a good time playing in it on our vacation.  If not then I guess we will need to plan another little Colorado adventure to get some!  I thought since I missed posting pictures from Halloween I would try & get Thanksgiving in before I am too late!  Check out our little trip to Colorado to visit some of our great friends who relocated there last year!

My sweet friend hooked me up with some fabulous-warm-pj's!  I LOVED them-and was a little relieved when she put hers on too.  ;-)

One of the things I LOVE about Colorado is all the time we spend OUTSIDE!  The freezing cold cool air, the freshness of it, the beauty of trees and nature all around us.  It's awesome.  My kids love it.  The woods.  The water.  All - of - it.  We spent the morning walking around Fort Collins!  If I could pick a place to live it would need to be a sweet little town like that-with local coffee shops galore!  We had breakfast at Gibbs-seriously the BEST bagels EVER!  My favorite is spinach Parmesan with a spinach artichoke cream cheese.  yummy.

We hit up Daz Bog for some coffee & cocoa before heading on a walk down to the river.

That night we were contacted by friends that we knew from NY (umm, hello!) they lived in Wyoming which was only 30 minutes away (say, what?) so the next day we got to meet up with them & their sweet little family!  The boys loved the thought of eating dinner with a soldier...they even got to try on his gear!

One day we went back down to Fort Collins and went ice has been a LONG time since I have had skates on.  But I couldn't resist some skating with my sweet kids!  We had a blast...well Lily not so much.  She kept saying, "roller skating is too hard."  She got to hang out with Bill while I skated with Gabe.  They had trash cans for the kids to hang onto until they got the feel for it. Brilliant idea!  Seriously!

The day we ALL were anxiously awaiting for-Wednesday-we went TUBING!  I came across this gem of a place called Beaver Meadow!  It's about an hour north of Wellington.  When I called before we headed to CO there tubing season had just opened the day we were leaving to travel there!  I was giddy on the phone-ecstatic to take my kids to play in REAL SNOW!  They have never been able to experience it before-tubing, skating, none of it.  The most we get to do is build a snowman filled with leaves--once every couple years!  Being from NY I was thrilled to get to do this with my family & friends!  Our new kind of sledding is on sand-we go to the sand dunes!
 (I seriously love this picture (above) of my hubby-isn't he so good looking?  LOVE IT!)
 Lily loved the snow, hated the gear--she was technically too small for the tube hill but we brought her on at the very end and she screamed the whole way down, haha.  Too Funny!  She had fun making a snowman, snow angels, snowballs, meeting a new puppy friend, warming in the restaurant with cocoa, cheese sticks and lots of love from Gea & Nanny!
 On Thursday we spent our day eating, cooking, eating, cooking and more eating....our friends Luke & Lisa in the middle!  Love them!

Just when we thought Colorado couldn't get any prettier-we went to Estes Park for a Lighted Christmas Parade!  We went up early to strolls the streets, eat (again), see Santa, take a hay ride through the town, and of course watch the parade.  Just as we sat down for the parade it started to snow-perfect!  Such a great way to end our time there.  It seriously couldn't get any better until....
 It turned into a blizzard!  All of sudden the wind came whipping down the mountain and we were covered in snow!  Lily did not like it one bit!  It was funny at first!  But then we were wet, cold, tired, and my kids were getting cranky!  A nice, gentle reminder why we love Texas winters!  It snows, we play, and it's gone by lunch!  It was a wonderful trip & great memories were made!
Here's a few more pictures to capture God's amazing beauty that left us speechless as we drove out of town to head home!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Upcycled Ribbon Trees

Okay so my trees might not be perfect but I think they are equally adorable as all the rest floating around in bloggy land!  My favorite part is that I ditched the styrofoam, the paper mache cone and decided to do a little upcycling!  The best part is it was free!  Styrofoam is expensive!  I'm glad I kept those glass starbucks bottles!

I ruffled some ribbon on my sewing machine and just wrapped & hot glued it around the bottle.

I took a candle cup and flipped it upside down and glued it to the top of the bottle and painted the very top white.
 Once I finished wrapping, I hot glued a small finial cap (also painted white) to the top of the candle cup.

What do ya think??  Thumbs up or down??  
I'm kind of thinking of fabric....ruffled...and a soda bottle for something a little bigger....hmmm


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