Monday, December 22, 2008

Fun Things To Do At Home

We are going to be at home until January 6th with no school so I dug out some fun things to do at home during the break-some of them I found on-line.

Homemade Play Dough

Traditional Play Dough

* 1 cup flour
* 1 cup warm water
* 2 teaspoons cream of tartar
* 1 teaspoon oil
* 1/4 cup salt
* food coloring

Mix all ingredients, adding food coloring last. Stir over medium heat until smooth. Remove from pan and knead until blended smooth. Place in plastic bag or airtight container when cooled. Will last for a long time.

Uncooked Playdough

* Bowl
* 1 cup cold water
* 1 cup salt
* 2 teaspoons vegetable oil
* Tempera paint or food coloring
* 3 cups flour
* 2 tablespoons cornstarch

1. In bowl, mix water, salt, oil, and enough tempera paint or food coloring to make a bright color.
2. Gradually add flour and cornstarch until the mixture reaches the consistency of bread dough.
3. Store covered.

Oatmeal Playdough

* 1 part flour
* 1 part water
* 2 parts oatmeal
* Bowl

1. Combine all ingredients in a bowl; mix well and knead until smooth.
2. This playdough is not intended to be eaten, but it will not hurt a child who decides to taste it.
3. Store covered in refrigerator.
4. Your child can make this playdough without help; however, it doesn't last as long as cooked playdough.

Edible Finger Paint

Required: 3 Tbs. Sugar
1/2 cup cornstarch
2 cups cold water

Mix sugar and cornstarch. Add 2 cups of cold water. Cook over low heat, stirring constantly until thick. Add food coloring.


Required: Cornstarch, large bowl and water

Mix one box of cornstarch and l cup of water in a large bowl. Explore with hands, spoons, utensils, etc.

Have a bunch of old or broken crayons? Try this to reuse those crayon pieces.

Required: Oven, muffin tins, muffin liners (foil) and broken crayons

For a colorful affect, crush up broken crayons. Place small pieces of crayon in a lined muffin tins. Place in oven at 250 degrees until pieces are completely melted. Cool and use as a crayon. Best done when the windows of the house can be opened.
I guess I am a blogger wanna be, ha! I haven't posted in a long time. Granted we did have a baby and have been adjusting to life ever since. I never did expect it to be so hard going from 1 kid to 2. I knew it wasn't going to be easy but I never thought of it being quite this hard. It's just challenging. We had a little bit of the terrible two's-we are experiencing the wretched three's. I don't know how families do it with 3 or more kids. Not so much with the every day tasks but just trying to pour into those little lives equally. Some days I feel so emotionally spent. I would think that someone would be left out or their feelings hurt. I am totally content with our sweet family of 4. That gives me a enough laundry to do, toys to clean up, and schedules to maintain.

I hope that 4 years old is the year of change & great attitudes. I wonder when that phase is. I feel like our son is so spoiled. How do you get them to grasp that life could be much worse? How do you teach a 3 year old to be grateful for this things he has and not take it for granted? What kid should complain if he gets to go out to eat for a fun treat whether we get to go to Chick-Fil-A or McDonalds? I remember when we got to go to McDonalds as a kid-it was a big deal and fun! Gabe whines & complains if we don't go to his choice place. I am struggling with knowing how to teach them gratefulness at such a young age. Lately, if he doesn't take care of his toys & doesn't clean them up when he needs to we have been taking them away for a period of time so that he understands that we need to take care of the things he has and if not than he doesn't need to have it.

Why is it that when Gabe is one on one with me all day...playing, doing our routine of activites that he is great and as soon as Daddy comes home and we are both here he turns into this miserable, temper tantrum, whiny kid. It mades me wonder where the sweet boy I have been playing with all day went to.

I just don't know if this behavior is normal or not...

Friday, October 24, 2008


I just finished reading Chad & Leah's blog update about Eli & sat here feeling guilty & blessed. Guilty that my frustration right now is Lily's eating schedule. She eats on one side & gives me a hard time on the other...eats a few minutes & then goes to sleep & I get so frustrated with it because I want her to finish. I don't want to have the hassle of pumping. She eats on a great schedule every 3-4 hours. I am a rich & blessed woman that my concern right now is just that. I have a great, supportive, loving husband and healthy & fantastic kids. I don't have the struggles of Chad & Leah or James & Lacy who are going through so much with their brand new babies. I still grumble & complain. I am praising God this morning for our journey & all He has blessed us with.

2 Cor. 12:10 "Since I know it is all for Christ's good, I am quite content with my weaknesses and with insults, hardships, persecutions, and calamities. For when I am weak, then I am strong."

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Yuhasz Family Update

It has been an interesting few days and we haven't returned everyone's calls to check in on us-sorry. Things have been going good but a little rough at times with the whole transition with Gabe & us shaking up his world. Here is a little update as to what has been going on with us since we have been home.

Thursday: We came home & hung out around the house most of the day. Gabe was very excited to have us all home but he was very high strung. Bill & Gabe went out to do some errands to give me a break. It was crazy to think that we are now a family of 4. Friends from our brought us dinner that night which was fantastic. Jake & Jessi stopped over for a quick visit with all of us. Our first night home with Lily didn't go quite as smooth as it did with Gabe (he slept 5 hours our first night home) I think she was a little confused that it was bed time and not awake time. :-) She is not too fond of the pacifier & she keeps trying to get her thumb but once she does she is not satisfied with that either. So, needless to say I didn't get too much sleep.

Friday: Gabe went to school today, praise God! The timing of us coming home & everything couldn't of been better. Bill brought him to school a little late and Lily & I were able to just hang out at home together. It wasn't exactly an uneventful day by any means. By the time we got up & going around 10-I fed her & then we got ready to go to the doctor's for a weight check. We left around 11:15-got to the doctor's & got right in. I stripped her down & got her weight check done 6lbs 10oz. Not too bad of a weight loss. I sat in the exam room waiting for the doctor to come in with my naked baby covered with a blanket. I just wanted to take a nap...40 minutes later the doctor finally came in to tell me that she looks good & her weight was fine. We were done in like 5 minutes. So, I got her dressed & finally got to go home. We ate again at like 1:30 & I finally got to lay down for my "quiet & relaxing day" at 2:00. Gabe was done at school at 2:30. I have come to realize that she wasn't happy with her paci so I dug out all the different kinds that I had and offered her a different one-she did not like it at all & then she finally seemed satisfied with the MAM paci. So that kept her happy for a little while. We just hung out around the house...Jake & Jessi stopped by to visit & then we went to bed. We kept Lily up for a while tonight & she slept a lot better. Definately still a work in progress but she did much better than night 1.

Saturday/Sunday: So, we have been in the house since Thursday for the most part. We were getting a little stir crazy and were ready to get out & do something. We wanted to plan a special day for Gabe & really do something fun. So, we all snuggled in bed & watch cartoons in the morning. Then we decided to take a trip to check out the local Farmer's Market which for Midland wasn't too bad. We went late in the morning so a bunch of the better produce was gone but we did get some stuff. We then took Gabe to the Pumpkin Patch to get a pumpkin for the porch. (even though we already picked up a few at the store) So, we had a great time at the Pumpkin Patch & Gabe picked out a huge pumpkin & he picked out a cute little one for Lily. We went to Whataburger & Gabe had a little melt down that we couldn't eat at Chick-Fil-A which is sad that we eat out that often. Then we went to the Russo's to visit for an hour....or like 5. Last night with Lily was rough! She ate at like 11:45 & then was wide awake & unhappy so I fed her again at 1:45...finally got to lay down around 2 something...she slept until about 2:45 woke up crying. She didn't want her Paci she didn't want anything. So, I picked her up...she was wet...changed her....she was wide awake until about 3:45. I fed her again around 3:15. I finally got to go back to sleep around 4. She woke up again at 5:50..I assumed she was hungry so I tried to feed her...nope she didn't want that...she didn't want her paci...nothing. So, I let her snuggle next to me in our bed & she went back to sleep until I woke her up to eat at like 9. She ate & was awake for a while then she was grumpy I tried her MAM paci....nope didn't want anything to do with it. Which she didn't last night either. So, I decided to try the one from the hospital & she took that one right away & went right to sleep. I was like hmmm....maybe she will like that one. Even though I think they look silly...if it makes her makes me happy! Bill & Gabe went to church & we just hung out. So far today is great. I got a 30 minute nap in, a cup of coffee, Lily is sleeping, gabe is chillin' with Daddy & I get to have a little peace & quiet before it is feeding time again....

Praising Him

The last few days have been a whirlwind for us. As I finally have an opportunity to sit in quiet I am praising God this morning for many things.

  • a quick labor & delivery
  • a great recovery
  • a fantastic & supportive husband
  • a wonderful son
  • a beautiful daughter
  • at least an hour of peace & quiet (thanks to the wonderful husband)
  • a great
  • our family who we miss
  • a pacifier that keeps Lily quiet (for at least a few minutes)
  • a nap
  • that Gabe loves & adores his little sister
  • that it is fall
  • that God continues to bless & provide for Bill's business
  • that Bill was able to take off a whole week & it doesn't even effect us financially
  • that we were able to come home to our house & not a tiny apartment
  • for healthy kids
  • for all of our friends & our West Texas family

"Enter his gates with thanksgiving; go into his courts with praise. Give thanks to Him and bless his name." Ps. 100:4

"All praise to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. He is the source of every mercy and the God who comforts us." 2 C0r. 1:3

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My Creations

Well, since I am through with the nesting phase of pregnancy I needed to do something to keep me busy until Lily decides to grace us with her presence. When I was in NY my sister-in-law introduced me to the Hooter Hider-which I thought was so neat but a complete & total rip off for 35.00 plus shipping so I decided to make my own. I have to say I think it came out pretty darn fabulous & I spent just a few bucks to make it. It was def. worth my time.

When I went to the Peddler Show a few weekends ago I was on the search for one of those diaper/wipe fabric bags. Once again you can buy them on-line but they are over priced for what they are. So, I found some different patterns on-line & came up with my own game plan & made one. They are really simple and took about an hour or two to make. Now I have this nice little pouch to just grab out of Lily's bag for diaper changes with no need to drag the whole bag to the bathroom. I think I might make a "daddy" one for Bill to keep in his truck. That way he has his own to use & it's not all pink and stuff. It's a man's one! :-)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Lily Update

Unfortunately I made it to another check up. Lily is apparently still cozy inside of me. The good news was that I was 3 cm dilated but still no contractions. Hopefully, he stirred things up so that things will get moving. I went in planning on telling him that we were going to be induced on Thursday but I still wasn't convinced that is what I wanted to do. So, I asked him who was on call & he said that he was! YES!!! It was an answer to prayer. I told him that we would just wait it out and if I go into labor over the weekend, I get my doctor, if I go next week, I get my doctor! I was so excited and relieved about that. We scheduled for a return visit for Monday but let's just hope that I don't make it until then. We are going for a nice long walk tonight. :-)

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Impatiently Waiting

I am completely willing to wait this whole thing out but I totally wish I could plan just a little. I often think that contractions are from the devil...not because they hurt because mine don't really hurt...well at least they weren't too bad with Gabe. Granted I got drugged after 6 cm. But I hate the fact that they are sporatic and that they start & I just want to mess with your emotions and your brain! I started having some contractions yesterday randomly throughout the day and then last night they were a little more consistent. I went to bed early because of this head cold that picked the worst time to come...and about an hour after I went to bed they finally stopped. I was feeling anxious because maybe this was going to be it...maybe she was going to come last night...but nope! Then today I barely had any at all. It is exhausting monitoring every single movement & incling of tightning in hopes that this will be it. Part of me is glad that she has not come yet because the doctor said she was going to be little. But..I don't want to have her over the weekend because I will get whoever is on call & chances are it won't be my wonderful doctor. He only delivers week days. I go back to the doctor's next Tuesday for a check-up if I am still with child :-) He told me we could pick a day to induce if I would like to. I just don't know if I want to do that or not. I kind of feel like God has this under control & he doesn't need me to micromanage his plan...even though I would like to get this over with! I guess she will come when she is ready & hopefully if not by Tuesday then I will know if I am ready to pick a date to be induced or not.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Better than expected

So, I went to my check-up today at the doctor's office which was completely swamped and behind schedule today and he told me that I was 1.5 cm dialated. WooHoo! We have some progress...granted it can still be awhile but it was still good news. I definately didn't think I was even that because I haven't had any contractions or braxton hicks...nothing. So, now we get to wait some more but with a little more anticipation as it gets closer. I have another check up next Tuesday if she doesn't come before then.

And I thought it couldn't get any better....

So, just when I was completely satisfied and excited over 6 hours of sleep...I got 8.5 last night. It was fantastic! I don't know if this means the baby is coming soon or what. HA! I go to the Doctor's today so maybe we will see some kind of progress. I am not keeping my hopes up because if she is anything like Gabe than I will leave disappointed once again. We shall see.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Finally, Sleep!

So, for about 6 weeks now I have been waking up at like 3:00 in the morning every single night along with my normal nightly trips to the bathroom. But I would be wide awake around 3am decide to get up have a little snack, watch some TV, and then go back to sleep around 5am. Well, as some of you know Gabe also has been waking up at night-ever since we have been back from NY. He would wake up & we would do the lazy thing & let him just get into bed with us instead of bringing him back to his own room. Well, it has been about 6 weeks now & I couldn't tell you when the last time I got a full nights sleep. I can't even blame it on being uncomfortable or anything because I'm really not. I have just been awake...or I get woken up by my wonderful 3 year old & can't go back to bed. Well, it finally happened last night. The best night in a long time. Bill & I watched a movie...went to bed around 11:30-I finally drifted off around 12:00. I got up for the nightly bathroom breaks but other than that I got to sleep until 6:45. Gabe never got up once. I think God really knew I was on the verge of a meltdown if I didn't get some kind of sleep soon. It is amazing what 6 hours of sleep will do for a person!

Also, Friday & Saturday night when Gabe woke up we decided to just bring him back to his room so we could fix mistake #1 letting him into our bed. We brought him potty, back to his room, said a prayer & he went right back to sleep both nights. Granted on Saturday night he woke up 3 times-2 times to use the potty (which I am not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing. I am glad he is waking up b/c he needs to use the potty & not going in his Pullup at night but I don't want it to become a habit either) and the last time to get in our bed but even though I was exhausted & wanted to take the easy way out & just let him into our bed-I stood strong, said No, let's go back into your room, prayed with him & he went back to sleep. The frustrating part to his nightly games is that he has always been a great sleeper...then we went on vacation & it has taken us this long to get things some what back to normal. But hey, we are making progress. If anyone has any wonderful insight or tips please feel free to let me know.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Peddler Show

So, Friday night was my first night away from Gabe in a long time.  I can't remember when the last time was that I got to go out without him or Bill for that matter.  We did have a date night a week or so back but other than has been awhile.  Well, Sue & I ventured out to The Peddler Show.  Midland doesn't ever have very many things going on so I saw this ad on TV for this event so I figured we would go pay our 5 bucks and go check it out.  Well, needless to say it was good to get out but what I was expecting, booths filled with inexpensive crafts or handmade items turned out to be this over-priced boutique type show.  It was nice if you wanted to pay 45.00 for a personalized tote bag!  They had a ton of Jewelry tables set up-some reasonably priced others were not.  They also had a ton of booths that sold know the bedazzler kind...nothing I would ever wear or pay 75.00 for.  Ha!  I was able to come across a booth that sold baby items (along with 4 or 5 other booths that sold very similar if not the same things) cute little bloomers that you could get personalized.  I ventured out and paid for the cute little bloomers for Lily so her diaper doesn't hang out under her dresses.  I was also able to come across a few little things for fall but other than was a short, kid-free evening out.  We ended up meeting Bill & Gabe for ice cream later on...taking a 3 year old out to a restaurant close to bed time is never a very fun ending to an evening.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Jake & Jessi's Wedding

Bill & Sarah 2008

New Blog Spot

So, everyone I know is getting into blogging and I am tired of leaving comments on other people's blog spaces and it comes up as my husbands so I figured I would just create my own and that way I can post pictures of the family especially the new little one coming and keep everyone informed as to what is going on in our crazy lives. Don't expect anything grand but please do check back from time to time to see how we are doing.


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