Sunday, July 31, 2011

New York Bound Part 1

Well, I am finally getting around to it.  After hours of working on new things for Papercutz I am FINALLY getting around to sharing some road trip adventure photos with you!  This is just part one of the journey...I didn't want to completely overload you with pictures.  So, take a look to see how it went...

We ditched this popsicle stand around 5:00 on Monday night...we drove all through the night until we landed in....

Louisville, Kentucky
 We finally took a break and toured the Louisville Slugger Museum and received our very own sluggers at the end!

Disregard all production photos I didn't realize we couldn't take pictures inside...oops! 

Then we toured the little sights of downtown Louisville before...

PASSING OUT at the hotel...Drury Inn to be exact!  They are seriously they are!

We got up early the next morning...and hit the road jack...but we were definitely coming back!

We drove through...Ohio....Pennsylvania...

and stopped for a picnic lunch...

and did lots of this...

and finally landed in Niagra Falls!

 where we visted the fall...on the American side...and then we walked around for a little bit...and had dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe!

We spent the night right outside of Niagra Falls and headed to our hometown the next day...

Once arriving at home I realized
1. how GREEN everything was
2. how ENVIOUS I was of the beautiful colonial houses...and amazing porches
3.) how JEALOUS I was of the gorgeous hydrangeas that easily graced so many porches!

 (I mean seriously look at them!  GORGEOUS!)

That is part one of our little journey...stay tuned there's LOTS more adventure to come!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Sneak Peek

I have been working hard on lots of new things for Papercutz!  But first you need to see what Poppie Works (aka my dad) has been up to!  We share a booth at the market each time we go.  He works full time and does this as a hobby on the side.  He takes custom orders for custom sizes!  I have a large tray like shown as well as a long tray that I have on my table and I keep flowers in it-in mason jars of course! He also makes fun teacup bird feeders that look charming in your flower beds even if you don't want to feed the birds!  Might as well add some color with teacups since we can't water the flowers very often here in west Texas!  :-)

FINALLY, here are a few snap shots of what I have been working on!  When you stop by our table you will find some of these fun, eclectic monogrammed note cards!  Each card boasts a fun patterned paper monogram-no pack will be the same.  They are sold in a set of 6 note cards and envelopes; come tucked in a clear box.
(don't you just love my coke crate I snagged last weekend)

I am proud to offer these fabulous coasters!  They are a perfect gift to have on hand-great for any hostess!  They are 4" x 4", felt backed so they don't scratch your beautiful surfaces, and have been sprayed many MANY times so they are water resistant!  Please note**They are NOT dishwasher safe, and should NOT be submerged under water.  The best way to clean them is with a damp cloth!**

Check out these adorable LOVE notes!  Perfect for any little love birds!  Who doesn't like to leave a little love to the person they cherish the most?  My sweet hubby leaves me love notes all the time by our coffee pot so I see them first thing in the morning-I know I caught a good one!  :-)  These come in a set of 6 with coordinating envelopes all tucked in a clear box.

Magnetic Notepads!
They make a perfect gift & are great to stick on the fridge!

 Magnets!  Lots of fun patterns to choose from!

I have also worked up some new mini notepads that come with a mini pen!  3 x 3 post-it notes are tucked inside.  These are perfect for the car, your purse, and right by your computer!  They also make EXCELLENT back to school gifts for your childs teacher!

I sure hope you take a few minuites on Saturday morning to stop by the Farmer's Market downtown!  Everyone who makes a purchase on Saturday from Papercutz OR Poppie Works will receive a free bookmark!

I hope to see you there!  Have a fabulous friday friends!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Finally Settled

We have been on vacation for the past 19 days and we are finally home & settled in!  We had such a great time on our road trip from TX to NY and back again!  I am working on some new things for Etsy shop which will reopen in August!  So, stay tuned to see what will be new....


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