Friday, June 22, 2012

Crafts & Cupcakes

This week I had a sweet friend come over for a much needed craft day!  I posted about summer wreaths and my front door was in need of some love!  So check out just what we were up to!

I figured since we were making fun summer wreaths why not make some yummy LEMON CUPCAKES & lemon water!

I totally cheated & made quick cupcakes with my kiddos that morning!  I used a lemon cake mix & a vanilla icing & garnished the tops with a cute little lemon wedge!

Summer Wreath

I picked up one of these fabulous frames at Hobby Lobby for half off!

Gathered all my SUPPLIES:
Spray Primer
Spray Paint
Wide Ribbon
Yard Stick
(die cut or stickers)
(kept some from the frame)
Hot Glue Gun

We took our frames outside to prime & paint!
 I did light yellow and
 Lindsay did robin egg blue!

While we were layering paint we worked on our flowers for the front!

You need to measure out 1 yard of ribbon, mark a half inch in from the end and then one inch after that.
 Then simply weave back & forth starting from the front pattern side.  Once you get to the end just pull the knotted end where you started from out a little & tie both ends together and trim the extra thread.  
 You get a fabulous little rosette that we hot glued a button to in the middle.  I followed this tutorial.

You can leave it plan or add the little pennant banner that we freehanded-cut out triangles from decorative paper, and place your letters on top.  I just hot glued it to some twine.  Wrapped it around the back and glued the twine to the back of the frame.

These little flowers also make fantastic hair clips as well!

Can't wait for another Crafts & Cupcakes kind of day!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Summer Wreath Inspiration

So, I have been pinning summer wreaths like crazy!  I have a craft date with a friend this week and we are going to make a summer wreath!  So what if we are already almost a month into summer vacation-it's never too late for a little summer lovin' for the front door!

Check out what I have been pinning!

Love the Black & White!

Still never made a fun mesh wreath!

 Love the frame idea-with the pinwheels!

How adorable is this pinwheel wreath?!?!

Another frame wreath with fun ribbon flowers!

Can't wait to show you what we chose to make tomorrow!!!

Jesus Calling

Today is a VERY different morning.  The early morning sun is peeking through the blinds.  I can hear the birds chirping outside.  My house is QUIET!  Pure Bliss!  It's past 7:30 & no little demands that I get up early, I want breakfast...I want milk...I want a show...I want my blankie!  Nope not today friends!  The kids spent the night at Gea's (grandma) house!  I get to sit here and actually complete a thought before getting interrupted and actually drink my coffee hot-fresh-from-the-pot & not reheated!  It's the small things in life that you grow to enjoy as a parent.  :)

A few months ago my husband picked up this little devotional for me at our church bookstore.  Go get it!

This little book kicks my butt every single time I read it.  Seriously!  I would love to say that I get up every morning & get in the word but unfortunately I don't!  I have great - even the best of intentions most days but then those little demands start rolling in as soon as they wake me up in the morning.  So does the laundry that I've neglected for days, the dishwasher, the floors, that stack of mail that I can NEVER seem to get rid of & the orders that keep rolling in.

Today was the day that I FINALLY got into the word.  After feeling like this....

yep, a dried up sponge!  Full of nothing!  Just a bunch of dirty holes-my flaws-my insecurities-my fears-my failures-my negativity-my selfishness-they had nothing to cling to.  They were just there-dry & empty.

Part of which causes some of my negativity...

{Can I be honest for a minute here...I've always LOVED living in Midland.  This summer has sucked!  The desert in which we live in-is literally sucking the life out of me!  It is D-E-A-D here!  The grass-BROWN!  Flowers?  What the heck are they?  We can only water our lawns ONCE a week!  We can only use our hoses once-a-week.  So when it's 100 degrees out every single day our lawns turn brown!  We can't have water days-no sprinkler fun-no slip 'n' slides-no kiddie pools!  Not to mention we don't have a whole lot of fun activities to do-it's like we eat, shop or go to the movies!  People come to Midland for the oil industry-so our economy here is great!  Lots of jobs, lots of money, lots of people and it is a growing city.  But with all of that said our town can't keep up with the demand-we have a shortage on homes (we've been looking for months-nothing!), apartments, employees (b/c everyone goes to work in the oil field).  It's so hard sometimes to maintain a positive-God centered-attitude through all of this.}

When I went to church on Sunday after not being there for 2 weeks due to traveling and not spending as much time in the word and feeling the dryness within me-just after worshipping I literally could feel the holy spirit filling my holes.  I went from being the dry, cracked sponge to this...

A little color was added back into my soul!  All the "bad" things were hanging onto little beads of truth and filled me up!  God has been teaching me how weak & impatient I am in trusting His plan-that He has GREAT and MIGHTY things for me!  That I need to shut-up & quit complaining & do exactly what Patrick (our pastor) told us to do-Be Salt & Light! Quit looking at all the things around us & just be Jesus to people.   Just like my devotional said this morning...

"Glorifying and enjoying Me is a higher priority than maintaining a tidy, structured life.  Give up your striving to keep everything under control--an impossible task and a waste of precious energy...let me prepare you for the day that awaits you...point you in the right direction...I am with you...don't be intimidated by fear...though it stalks you, it cannot harm you, as long as you cling to My hand.  Keep your eyes on me-enjoy the Peace in my Presence..."

Seriously?  Could this not be any more perfect?!?!  So, today I am striving to maintain a positive out look on our situation.  I'm going to bite my tongue when I want to be negative & I'm going to try & be a peace-maker.  Even though I've failed lately at being in the word-the good thing is that every day is a new day!  God's not keeping score!  I need to get my priorities straight & do what I KNOW I need to be doing!

When I am in the word I feel like this....
God's word & truths are seeping out of me & into the lives of those around me!  I encourage you today to stop what you are doing-get off Facebook & Pinterest & invest that time in the Word!  

Friday, June 15, 2012

Preppy Little Man Collection

A few months ago I was contacted by a customer to put together a little man themed party!  I LOVE to create parties where I get to create the whole party!  Not that I don't love all the rest 'cause I do!  There's just something in seeing everything come together that's so rewarding!  She chose fun preppy colors green & navy!  So this is what I came up with!


{Party Hats}
my first time ever making party hats-shhh don't tell

extra special for the birthday boy

{Birthday Banner}

{Cupcake Toppers}


{Photo Props}

{Food Tent Cards}

{Water Bottle Labels}

 {Table Confetti}

 I love this collection!  You can find it all in my shop!  

If you need help pulling your theme together I would love making that happen!

Just contact me at the top!

June Sponsorship

This whole month over at my friend Molly's blog: Specs & Wings I have been hosting a sponsorship.  If you have time you need to go check it out!  She is a very talented & creative artist.  She has such a heart & love for Jesus & you can see it sll through her work.  She also has been recently featured in Artful Blogging.

Molly offers...

Custom Paintings & Prints

She also paints custom toms!  Seriously, how fabulous are these?!?!

And makes cute flower clips, headbands, clutches & new fabric bangles!

 You can even order custom collections for a bridal party!

Please be sure to stop by her shop and check out all her beautiful talent!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I've Been MIA

This year has been incredibly insane!  My blog has definately taken a seat on the wayyy back burner!  But oh well-such is life with 2 kids, a hubby, a part-time job {out of the house}, a part-time job {in the house}, keeping the house, being PTA President for my son's school this year & being a small group leader!  Wow-it was a crazy year!  Some of my role are over & the hats have been hung!  I hope this summer I can invest a little more time into getting my blog up & running again.  Now that I have streamlined my business into just doing party stuff instead of trying to conquor the paper craft industry it has made my life MUCH MUCH easier!  I totally LOVE it!  Not saying I might not veer off here & there and offer some neat {limited time only} stuff but my main focus is parties!

Seriously, it's so awesome to know that I get to create party decor and what not, hand make them from beginning to end, pouring my heart & soul into every layer I stick together & know that I am 100% satisfied with a product & that it gets displayed all over the country!  Making sweet little mommas happy that their parties look great, and daddy's a little more broke.  :-)  But hey-those little kids are worth it!  I love doing what I get to do.  

I love shopping around for that perfect sheet of paper that I MUST have because I NEVER know when I MIGHT need it - but it's so darn cute that I won't EVER use it - in fear that I won't ever find it again!  Ha! 

I hope in the days to come I can fill y'all in on what we have been up to & where we are headed...

Much Love!



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