Friday, July 6, 2012

Chore Charts

My son has been begging me to make him a chore chart all summer long!  He just wants a way to earn money to save up to buy a new book 3D DS.  :-)  So, I went to the best place to go to look for ideas...Pinterest!  Check out some of the fabulous ideas I found...

Free Printables

I am thinking about having a craft day next week to make a chore chart!  Let me know if you are interested in being a part of it!


Thursday, July 5, 2012

Rainbow Party

First of all, let me just say that I am super excited about being a part of Papercutz! I’ve been a fan for a while now and love everything I have purchased from her; such as  teachers gifts, Father’s day presents, Christmas décor, etc. I love all of her crafty ideas and seeing all of the things she puts together. Planning parties for friends and family is my absolute most favorite hobby, so teaming up with Sarah is going to be a blast!

Below is a theme I have loved but haven’t yet got to do myself. I mean… what better way to celebrate a bright and sunny day of birth than with a colorful RAINBOW themed birthday party!!!  I compiled all of the ideas I’ve found just in case you want to create your own Rainbow themed party.  

The Invitation:

For starters, invitations for a Rainbow party are so super simple. Just download your favorite fonts at or go here for 26 Free Retro Fonts.  Then type your invitation up in something as simple as Microsoft Word or Pages using different fonts and colors for each line to get a look like this:

Come Help Us Celebrate the Colors of the
In honor of
Molly’s 4th Birthday
Saturday July 14th
Two Until Half Past Three
Cupcakes and Yummy Treats Will Be Served
at 1234 Cloud Drive

Then just print your invitations on white cardstock squares and glue it onto rainbow printed scrapbook paper:

You can purchase this printable paper collection from Paper Tree House Studio on Etsy.

The outfit…

Check out this adorable skirt from Gymboree 

 and pair it with some bright colored TOMS

 and a white T or tank for the perfect Birthday girl outfit!

Etsy has a lot of fun bright colored tutu’s like this one from Sophias TuTus for your little princess too!

Decorate, Decorate, Decorate.

This is my favorite part of the party planning process. I am not great in the kitchen and can rarely follow a recipe so this is where I find the most joy when planning a party….the Décor!  

I am all about Burlap right now! I use it for table covers, backdrops, table runners, favor holders, etc. I came across the backdrop idea from HWTM and fell in love with it. The rainbow colors just pop!

(I love the wrapped boxes as cake pop or lollipop holders too)

Bright mixed flowers like this tutorial one from One Charming Party are a MUST for table decor!  You could even place an arrangement in the bathroom or the entry way!  

Hang paper lanterns or make tissue poms to hang above the table like they did over at Buggie & Bean! 

These zigzag stripes are so fun! Hang them around the walls for extra added décor!  
We found the tutorial on it over at Oh Happy Day

Follow this tutorial from Ramblings from...The Sunshine State and make a wreath for the front door like this one or order one from our friends at Specs & Wings 

You could hang a rainbow colored birthday banner in front of the table too like they did over at Amy Atlas!

And how fun are these streamers popping out of rain boots and these rainbow ribbon wrapped candy favors? 

 Cake and goodies:

I know my cake would never look like this so I would have to order it from someone but if you are a junior Betty Crocker, give this a try! Serve rainbow colored food and snacks and make a rainbow cake
like the one shown here:

I’m a big fan of cake banners! I especially love garland like this one I found on Pinterest!

 Description: rainbow cake garland

Serve colored candy in fun dishes 
  like they did at the party by Petite Marie.

All kids love gum balls! Add some rainbow colored gumballs in a glass from Save on Crafts!

Description: Glass Canister Set (set of three jars)  $16

Make rainbow coated pretzels like they did at Buggie and Bean!

You can also dress up your cupcakes with our NEW toppers that are now in the SHOP!


Let the kids become artists by providing them canvas and rainbow paint Description:  

Make a Rainbow rice play table: 
 Add Shovels and buckets for more playtime fun!

Create a fun photo backdrop with balloons and confetti. How fun is this!!! 

Description: rainbow party invite picture 

A few other ideas:

Rent a commercial snow cone maker and make rainbow treats. Here is one we bought from Bed Bath and Beyond for the kids this summer:

I saw this idea in Parents Magazine

Buy premade ice cream sandwiches and cover the edges with rainbow colored sprinkles. Wrap with strips of wax paper and Japanese washi-tape like these from Pretty Tape

for a mess free yummy dessert!!!!

Give your drinks some fun flair with some adorable paper straws and tags from Papercutz and serve drinks in old mason jars:

I found this cute idea on Setting the Mood. Cupcake liners as lids….. Genius!

Embellish with rainbow birthday straw tags by Papercutz!


Our Rainbow Hershey Kiss Stickers
are NEW and now in the SHOP!

Buy these plastic alphabet magnets 
 you see in stores and spell out the guests names. 

Description: Megcos Magnetic Lowercase Letters 36 Pieces -Affordable Gift for your Little One! Item #LMID-1097

Wrap them up in cute chevron bags  

with fun colored twine and give them to your guests as they leave!

As always, you can order custom banners, party hats, cupcake toppers and more at the Papercutz Etsy shop!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Independence Day

Hope you have a fabulous day with your family!  Blessings!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Crafts & Cupcakes

I hope you follow along with our Crafts & Cupcakes parties we are having!  Nothing beats a craft date with friends!  This week it happened to be my mom and kids!  We had a tie dye party!  It was so much fun!

We kind of had an impromptu craft day so I rummaged through my pantry to see if I could whip up some cupcakes.  Instead of traditional cupcakes I decided to do brownie cupcakes!  In half of them I did peanut butter and the other half just plain!

Grab your favorite brownie mix & mix together as directed on the box!
To make PB Brownie Cupcakes I just added a scoop of  brownie mix, a tablespoon of PB, and then covered the PB with a half a scoop of brownie batter on top to cover it up!

For the plain ones I just did 2 scoops of brownie batter.

I did line the pan with cupcake wrappers which I knew might be risky.  But it actually wasn't TOO bad (it did stick a little) however if I made them again I would skip the liner.  I would just spray the pan & pour everything in just like above.

You could also stick them in a liner once they have cooled to make them cute.



Tie-Dye Fun!

While I was out of town my mom picked up this fun little tie-dye kit!

It came with everything we needed to dye some shirts!  Even my 3 year old had a fun time with it!  It was fairly mess free!  Just add water to the dye bottles, dampen or pre-wash your shirts (don't dry), pick your design and tie up with rubber bands and dye away!  We did wear gloves to protect our hands and cover some areas with plastic trash bags.

Gabe did the traditional spiral twist....

Lily wanted to keep hers flat and "paint" on it so I let her!  {I did add a trash bag under hers}

My Mom brought a dark colored shirt and used the darker colors on it and bleach!  

Gabe also did a blue shirt 
 and Lily a pink shirt!
 My Moms looks kind of might just be a shirt to wear at home.  :-)

I also did the spiral twist!

We wrapped them with plastic wrap and let them sit for about 10 hours before washing them in hot water & drying them.  If I do them again then I would let them sit over night before washing.  But my kids REALLY wanted to wears their shirts the next day so I washed them!  The colors did fade some.

Gabe's Shirts

Lily's Shirts

My Shirt!

Hope you follow along with all of our crafts & cupcakes!


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