Tuesday, September 20, 2011

To Cut or Not to Cut

I totally have some hair envy.  I'm not coordinated enough to do those cute braids, or tease my hair and my hair is REALLY long now...it gets all tangled underneath when it is down so I don't wear it down very often!  It takes SO LONG to dry & straighten or put a comb through!  So, needless to say it doesn't happen unless it's for something special.  I have been missing the days of my cute short hair.
 short = work
...EVERY...SINGLE.....DAY!  The thought of actually having to DO my hair everyday makes me cringe!  I do love the fact that I can just throw it up-which is how it is most days!  Boring!

This was from a couple years ago.  I was ummm....8 months preggers here!

I found all these suh-weet LONG bobs on Pinterest....

So I've been thinking about taking the plunge, what do you think??  I kind of like the shorter bangs though.  Scary to think about cutting my bangs!  Thoughts??

1 comment:

  1. i think a long bob would be really cute on you and why not do bangs? worst case scenario you hate them + have to do headbands for awhile :)



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