Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Just Ducky

We recently took the kids to the duck pond and it was a HUGE hit!  We used to take Gabe all the time when we were broke & couldn't afford to do anything else.  We realized we had never taken Lily...well since she was big enough to actually understand what we were doing.  So, after going last week we decided to have a picnic at the duck pond Sunday night before Elements.  Here is what we did...

Picked up some Mcalister's Deli (Gabe brought a bologna sandwich from home, yuck!) and put out our blanket and had a picnic.

Playing around after we finished eating...

Then we fed all of our stale hot dog buns to the ducks...and the fish!

This will definitely be one of our regular spots to visit.  We can get exercise...the first time we brought Gabe's bike and pulled Lily in the wagon...and we can feed the ducks which both kids seemed to really enjoy!


  1. YEA for Gabe eating a bologna sandwich...glad Miss Lacy introduced him to bologna. ;)

  2. Where is the duck pond?? I didn't know we had one!!

  3. Marina you crack me up...the one on A street...downtown.....



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