Saturday, December 11, 2010

Advent Calendar

Here's a little tutorial on a really easy & cute advent calendar you can use each year.
You will need a mini muffin tin, magnets, double stick tape...
24 2" circles
 24 1 3/4" or 1 1/2"circles

Punch your circles out & tape the 2 layers together then you just need to add a piece of magnet to the back.  I cut the roll of magnets (one side is sticky) into little strips then I cut each little strip in half so they were narrow.

 Just like this!
Then put them in the order you want on your pan!

I added some numbers I cut from vinyl, but you can buy numbers, stamp some, print some off the computer or simply write them on with a sharpie!  

Fill each day with special things to do or have!  
We started ours a little late this year so we jumped right into the fun festivities, we made cookies one day (slice & bake ones), an ornament, family movie night, today we get to make our gingerbread house!  Some days they just got a candy treat or we read a part of the Christmas story from the Bible, or a book.  Super fun!  My kids look forward to it each afternoon when Gabe gets home from school!  The best part is that I can use it every year!  I can change up our ideas & we can keep the focus geared towards Jesus!

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