Monday, August 8, 2011

New York Vacation Part 2

We just got back last night from an amazing mini vacation in Colorado.  I can't wait to show you those pictures so I am motivated to get through our NY vacation pictures.  I hope to get them done this week.    
I kind of like going through them again-I get to remeber the sweetness of the trip.

 Like Gabe riding Bill's bike around the very same neighborhood Bill did.  Precious!  Neighborhoods like that are far & few between where the kids can just ride there bike out front, not very many cars, and it is safe.  The same people live there that were there when Bill was raised.  Love it!

We also spent many days over at Chris & Linda's house-Bill's brother's house.  The cousins LOVED playing together!  We also kicked off 4th of July there and then ended it by going to Saratoga to watch fireworks & visit my brother & his family.

One of my favorite days was heading to Lake George to go to the beach!!!
Topped off the evening with a stroll through the village.  Such fun!

One of the days we went to The Great Escape!

I was SO proud of Gabe-he rode some of the scariest rides & coasters!

Just look at those stats!

Of course I was with him the whole time-Poppie & Kailyn too!

We rented a cabana for the day-lovely!

Seriously, I want flowers like that!

 Beautiful times in Lake George!  So much fun!

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