Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Upcycled Ribbon Trees

Okay so my trees might not be perfect but I think they are equally adorable as all the rest floating around in bloggy land!  My favorite part is that I ditched the styrofoam, the paper mache cone and decided to do a little upcycling!  The best part is it was free!  Styrofoam is expensive!  I'm glad I kept those glass starbucks bottles!

I ruffled some ribbon on my sewing machine and just wrapped & hot glued it around the bottle.

I took a candle cup and flipped it upside down and glued it to the top of the bottle and painted the very top white.
 Once I finished wrapping, I hot glued a small finial cap (also painted white) to the top of the candle cup.

What do ya think??  Thumbs up or down??  
I'm kind of thinking of fabric....ruffled...and a soda bottle for something a little bigger....hmmm

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