Friday, March 20, 2015

Thanks for Signing Up!

Hey Friends!

Thanks for signing up for the next Crafts & Cupcakes I'm so excited to have you!

2402 Emerson Court
Midland, TX

7:00 PM

Come comfortable--and not in your favorite shirt!  We are crafting :-)

What To Expect
This is a very laid back, casual, visit with your friends type of environment.  I will provide you with a craft from start to finish!  I will also provide some professionally baked cupcakes and bottled water.  Feel free to bring a bottle of wine!  I will provide glasses & a bottle opener!  This is a night for YOU--to relax, get crafty, hang with your friends, and enjoy yourself!!!

I would love to see your pictures!!!
If you take some during the party or once you get it hung up--share them with us either on Facebook, Instagram or you can always e-mail them to

Instagram--@papercutzdesigns  <---- Follow Me
                 ---->  Tag Your Pics  #papercutzdesigns

I look forward to seeing you soon!

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