Monday, December 22, 2008

I guess I am a blogger wanna be, ha! I haven't posted in a long time. Granted we did have a baby and have been adjusting to life ever since. I never did expect it to be so hard going from 1 kid to 2. I knew it wasn't going to be easy but I never thought of it being quite this hard. It's just challenging. We had a little bit of the terrible two's-we are experiencing the wretched three's. I don't know how families do it with 3 or more kids. Not so much with the every day tasks but just trying to pour into those little lives equally. Some days I feel so emotionally spent. I would think that someone would be left out or their feelings hurt. I am totally content with our sweet family of 4. That gives me a enough laundry to do, toys to clean up, and schedules to maintain.

I hope that 4 years old is the year of change & great attitudes. I wonder when that phase is. I feel like our son is so spoiled. How do you get them to grasp that life could be much worse? How do you teach a 3 year old to be grateful for this things he has and not take it for granted? What kid should complain if he gets to go out to eat for a fun treat whether we get to go to Chick-Fil-A or McDonalds? I remember when we got to go to McDonalds as a kid-it was a big deal and fun! Gabe whines & complains if we don't go to his choice place. I am struggling with knowing how to teach them gratefulness at such a young age. Lately, if he doesn't take care of his toys & doesn't clean them up when he needs to we have been taking them away for a period of time so that he understands that we need to take care of the things he has and if not than he doesn't need to have it.

Why is it that when Gabe is one on one with me all day...playing, doing our routine of activites that he is great and as soon as Daddy comes home and we are both here he turns into this miserable, temper tantrum, whiny kid. It mades me wonder where the sweet boy I have been playing with all day went to.

I just don't know if this behavior is normal or not...


  1. I think you're doing a wonderful job and that you are an amazing mom. Because even if you feel like you're struggling with some issues at least you care that you are. You want your children to be grateful for what they have and to have an understanding of how other people might have it. I think at G's age it is pretty hard to grasp unless you get to experience it so taking away things he doesn't take care of sounds like a great place to start. Post more of your discipline ideas, b/c I'll need them soon =)

    About the first play dough... try adding some cinnamon or peppermint extract for a scented dough. (unless you think this will make him eat it)

  2. Thanks for the input I appreciate it. I will try that with the play dough-he has been bugging me all day to make it so we will probably do it tomorrow. :-)



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