Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hump Day

So today is day 3 of kindergarten!  Gabe got into the car yesterday (day 2) and said this was the worst day ever!  I didn't even make one new friend today!  Augh...break my heart!  Asked him what he did and of course he didn't do anything.  :-(   So, today I was already a little bumming for him.  So, Bill encouraged him to just introduce himself to 1 new person each day.  He does it in the grocery store why not at school?

So, on our way to school I prayed with him like usual and encouraged him again to introduce himself to someone new and to be sure he eats his lunch.  :-)  So, we arrive at the school and I walk him in and he didn't want any breakfast (they get breakfast before school if they want it) and his teacher didn't acknowledge that he was there.  Didn't say hi or good morning. So he just took a seat...kind of away from everyone else but not at the total end of the table.  I stood there a minute and finally kissed him and said bye.  My heart just ached for him.  I wanted to burst into tears but I didn't I held it together!  I finally got back to the car with Lily on my hip...buckled her into her carseat, plopped down into my seat and reached to get my phone to call Bill and realized it had fallen out of my jacket pocket as I brought Gabe into the school.  Already full of emotion I jump out of my car, unbuckle Lily and retrace my steps to go look for my phone.  I went back into the cafateria where I left Gabe to see if I dropped it in there and Gabe was sitting there with his hands on his lap, kind of hunched over, looking really sad & lonely.  I just wanted to scoop him up and take him home with me.  I quickly snuck around him so he didn't see me and of course it was no where!  I just knew some punk little kid had picked it up and it was no where to be found!  So, I went into the office and no one brought it in yet.  I left Bill's cell in case it showed up.  I went back out to the car, buckled Lily in again, raced home to catch Bill before he left for work so I could let him know I didn't have my phone.  I got home and of course he was gone!

Lily brought out our cordless phone that we NEVER use to me the other day and it has been sitting on the counter ever since.  I was just hoping & praying that someone other than me put it back on the hook so it could charge again...nope!  I just knew some kid had made off with my phone.  I wanted to get home to call Bill and then to call my phone because I just knew that they wouldn't be smart enough to turn the ringer off on it and it would go off in school and voila I would find my phone.  Just call me a detective!  So, I raced over to my mom's house to use her phone and she was like Bill just called...but I missed it.  So, on the verge of tears I called him back and sure enough someone turned my phone into the office at the school...just like I said!  (Not!)  So, as we continued to talk about Gabe I finally did burst into tears...but I did feel better after a good cry.  I helped my mom rearrange some furniture, hung a few pictures, went out for a little retail therapy, ate at Genghis Grill, and now I sit here and wait to go get Gabe from school...hoping that his day got better!


  1. sarah, i'm so sorry it was such a rough day for you and gabe... i will pray it gets easier for both of you :)

  2. sarah, i just wanted you to know that your the most amazing beautiful mom! i admire and look up to you so much. you have such a stunning family. i cried for you reading this. it will get better for him. if you need anything let me know. i'm home with pate most mornings so feel free to call any time. i hope the rest of the week goes better and you guys will be in our prayers.

  3. Bill and you are such good parents, it is so hard to see your child sad. I will pray for Gabe and for you.

  4. Oh that is so sad!! I'm sorry you guys are going through this...praying for happier days.

  5. Thanks ya'll for your prayers...we need them!



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