Saturday, June 11, 2011

Week without Daddy....

This past week Bill went to kids camp (5th & 6th Graders) to lead worship.  So, we had lots of time to do fun things to keep us busy and not think about how we all missed daddy!  Check out what we got to do!

We kicked off our week with some VBS at First Baptist which was awesome!  Gabe had such a great time going each morning.  On Monday night we went to Barne's & Noble for there Pajamarama-er something like that.  The kids could wear their PJ's, hear a story & get fun goodie bags filled with stickers & a book from PBS.

 After we were done I was going to drop off an order to a customer and head home.  Well, little did I know someone rear-ended me at a stop light.  Seriously?  Don't they know this is my new van?  Not to mention I have 2 kids in there?  So, we get all that sorted out.  Luckily no one was hurt...except my van :-( but at least their insurance will cover it.

The next night we decided to stay home and make some home made lemonade!

All you need is:
8-9 Lemons-1 Cup Squeezed Juice
1/2 Cup Sugar
3 Cups Water

oh so yummy!

Then we had a little living room picnic for dinner.  MYO Taco Night!  Seriously one of Gabe's favorite nights.  Pretty much anything MYO is his favorite.  :-)

One evening we decided to make up these fabulous little treats!  S'Mores on a stick.  I came across this on a blog recently and knew we had to make them.  Perfect since we are under a burn ban-for like the rest of our lives!!!  No rain in like 8 months :-/
 We just followed the directions:
Melted Chocolate (we used the easy one above but you could use whatever you had)
Graham Crackers
Sucker Sticks

You will also need a cookie sheet lined with wax paper.  I like to use clothes pins to keep the paper down so it doesn't roll up or blow back into the melted chocolate when you walk it to the fridge.
I also like to stick my sheet in the freezer while we get everything ready so everything sets up quickly.

Lily loved this part wayyyy too much!  She smashed all of graham crackers into crumbs.

 while Gabe stuck the sticks in.
 Let the fun begin!  We just dipped them into the chocolate & then into the graham crackers & stuck them on a cold cookie sheet.
 I stuck them in the fridge for about 30 minutes before I took them out & plated them  up!

Of course I let them lick the melted chocolate container until it was clean-who wouldn't?


They were SO GOOD!
 It took them a while to fall asleep that night from all the sugar they had.

On Thursday we got to hang out with all the grandma's....well we call them Nanny & Gea!
 We got to go swimming over at the Russo's for the afternoon!

We had so much fun!

Friday afternoon we painted sun catchers that say I love NY and we hung them all over our front window.  Before we knew it Daddy was pulling up & we had fun, chill family night with him.  We all missed him so much-I SOO appreciate that he is such a good dad & husband!  We are all so spoiled!

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