Sunday, October 9, 2011

Hello Fall!

So today is finally nice & cool out-and last night was actually cold!  Gabe & I took a long walk-almost 2 miles!  I was so proud of him.  I was hoping to get a blog post up last week about all our crazy projects we did last weekend but I never did.  I think once Sunday ended I ran until Friday was over with!  It was a crazy, busy week!  This week will be just the same if not worst because I will be helping with Gabe's book fair at school this week.

We kicked off the weekend (last weekend) with lots of fun projects up our sleeves!  First on the agenda was to get our porch decorated for fall.  **step-up on soap box**let me just say that coming from NY where you could buy a bundle of cornstalks & hay for like $5 back in the day.   It was a total splurge (and Dave Ramsey would not approve) but I splurged & bought a bail of hay for $15!  It seems kind of crazy since we aren't going to use it again but the store bought ones are terrible & not to mention tiny!  The cornstalks are the same price!  Seriously $15 for like 6 stalks!  One year I just want to tie stalks to my posts on my porch like we used to do at home!  I would like to take my kids to a REAL pumpkin patch that doesn't mean a bunch of pumpkins on pallets at a church or come from HEB.  Just sayin'!  **step down**  I think our porch came out cute...and I like my lanterns!  I also have some black ones I got at Ikea that hang on each side of our garage door.

Last year (I think) I decided to paint our living room a yellow/goldish color called falling leaves (how appropriate) and a red color on an adjacent wall.  I finally decided to do a faux finish over it.  Well I decided and Bill did all the work, haha.  It came out sooo good!  I love it!  While he painted I decided to finish setting up fall decor and make some rag garland for our dining room.  

 LOVE it!

Some of my new wooden pumpkins!

 I went to Hobby Lobby & picked up a new shelf and that metal Family sign to hang in our living room! Along with my cute little owl!  I like to pick up a few new things for each season each year to add to our little collection.  How can you beat Hobby Lobby's 50% off prices-you can't!

 I made these letters for our kitchen.  I have always wondered what to put up there and we have done a few things like coffee pictures, a clocks...etc.  Bill & I thought about a good word that we could use and we chose this one!  It's such a great reminder to us-daily!  We are redeemed by the blood of the lamb!  I'll post my little tutorial on how I did them!

Our little light fixture is new too!  We picked it up a few weeks ago & finally just got around to hanging it!  We had an old, out dated one up there!  Now we have a cute one!

We spent the afternoon painting pumpkins!
 Gabe had a blue one & mine was of course-polka dots!  Love them!

I came across this on Pinterest & had to make some.  They were SOOO easy!  I am going to make one more to go underneat this one.  It's just a little ledge for picture frames!  You can find the tutorial here. (she has MANY amazing tutorials)  It was very inepensive to make!  Not to mention Pottery Barn sells something similar and the largest size is like $85...ummm Dave Ramsey would def. not approve!  This was about $12!  I think it looks just as clean & good!  You could paint them any color you want or stain them!  I went with primer & white paint we already had!

 I thought I would share my new favorite snack-they make them fresh at HEB and they are SOOO yummy!  I think Gabe has eaten like 5 today!  I bought the cheddar cheese ones (which Gabe loves) and Onion which is yummy with soup!  They only have 15 calories!  They have cinnamon and plain too!

Lots of fun going on at our house!  I forgot to take a picture but I made a button Y -got the inspiration & idea from Pinterest!  I made it on a wooden plaque instead of a frame!  Super cute! 

Our weekend (this weekend) has been chill and lazy!  Unlike last weekend-as you can see by the pictures!  We hung around the house, went to a party our realtor threw last night (how awesome is that) and Bill played 90's music at it.  So fun!  The kids got to decorate pumpkins!

Today we finished watching Rio, took a long walk & are just hanging out at home!  Hope you had a fun weekend!

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