Friday, September 30, 2011

Help Me

So, I am in need of some serious designing help!  When we bought our house we fell in LOVE with our sunroom...a.k.a the other living room, the playroom, the back room, the workout room, the studio, and now the craft room.  It has been all these things & it is the room whose purpose continues to change on a seemingly regular basis.

The dilemma: Can you guess what it is??  If you guessed: THE WINDOWS!!! You are CORRECT!  
We have 9 of them...yes NINE!  PLUS a sliding glass door that goes out to our patio.  

See our house was built in the late 50's (I believe) and then later on they decided it was too small and added this lovely sunroom-which I have a love/hate relationship with.  I LOVE the extra space, the windows, the brightness however since we have lived in our house we have done EVERYTHING with these windows!  See for yourself!

When we first bought our house a sweet old lady lived her & bless her heart-she painted the sunroom a yellow color...yep ceiling & all.  The blinds were even a yellow color.  They obviously had to go!  So, broke as a joke when we first moved in my mom came to visit & bought me these curtains to hang for the time being.  No I didn't always twist them together...I did actually put up tiebacks, haha.
 This is what they looked like closed.  Man that is a lot of fabric!

So, we went curtain-less for a little while after we bought NEW blinds!
 I'm telling you this room has been EVERYTHING!

When it turned into "the studio" when my folks relocated to west texas from NY while looking for a place of their own...we made these valances that went the length of the window.  I used a PVC pipe rod & we put finials on the ends.  It also worked for the time being.  (yes that's my awesome dad)

Then we scored this awesome purplish, velvet, couch & knew the red curtains had to go.  I bought a bunch of sheers & I like that it is light, bright & airy but it's just so boring.  I love color, patterns, texture! 
I took all the sheers down & the windows sit bare with only blinds-that have just been washed I might add-talk about a chore!  Let me remind you I have NINE windows in this ONE room!  I need some help!  What can I do to make it feel warm, cozy & inviting but not feel like the wall has been swallowed with fabric?


  1. wow, no one's commented yet?? lol!!

    ok, so my vote would be to go for something along the valence line again, if you don't want to feel like you're surrounded by fabric. but this time, i would go for a pattern. i'd suggest something geometric, because the placement of the windows is very geometric, and you can kinda play off that, and balance it with w/ different geometric pattern.

    i would also suggest splurging a little to get extra fabric so that you can do some kind of pleats (inverted are my favorite) to add a little interest.

    and my last bit of advice would be to go back to the individual rods for each window (like in the 1st photo, instead of the long pvc rod). i think it breaks it up to see that little sliver of wall in between each window. and i may be wrong on that, but i think it's worth playing with and tying out :)

    that's my advice. it may be the worst advice ever, but it's something to think about / start from :) good luck, friend!! :)

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  3. Have you thought about shutters. I don't know what the size of the windows are but the standard shutters are not too pricey, the Plantation ones yeah those are huge . . . . but at the home centers they even have the artificial wood ones that don't warp. You might even want
    to put fabric inserts in the slats,. . . . I love the way they look from the outside.



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