Monday, January 30, 2012

Recent Activity

I feel so blessed to have been busy with orders this month!  I stand in awe sometimes and see how God provides & meets our needs!  I've been able to do several birthday parties as well as valentine's day goodies!

 Transformer Bag Tags (I did a banner too but forgot to take pictures, oops!)

 Super Hero Cupcake Toppers 


 I Dig You Valentine's DayTags

 Sweet 16 Birthday!  Cake Toppers & Decorations!

 E's for the party!

 I created this banner for my friend Molly over at Specs & Wings!  Be sure to check out what she will be doing with it next week!  Be sure to follow her artsy blog!  She is SO inspiring!

 I made up my little M&M sticks for our lucky facebook winner along with some personalized tags!


On Friday we attended an award ceremony for my son!  This is his awesome teacher (speaking)!  She was awarding not only for hs academic achievements but she gave him a personal award....
 The King Midas Award-everything he touches turns to gold!  {yes, insert tears here}
Gabe is such a sweet, kind-hearted kid!   I was so proud of him!
 He was proud too!

Gabe & his buddie Isaiah!
His awards!!!

My cup runneth over!!!

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