Monday, January 30, 2012

Chevron Book Basket Labels

So if you're anything like me-I am obsessed with children's books!  I don't think we can ever have enough kids books around!  We probably have hundreds of them!  I promise-I just purged the baby books, the board book kind-a few weeks ago!

We have books stashed in both main living areas as well as in each of our kids rooms.  Our main living room they get stored in baskets under our coffee table.  In our second living area where we grab from nightly are stashed in a big, lined basket.

We let Gabe pick the books he reads each night but often times he pulls the same books out.  Why?, you might ask...because they are on top of the basket!  What 6 year old wants to actually dig to the bottom to find something new??  Not my kid!  So, I came up with a simple solution!

I created some chevron pattern, labels and attached to some baskets I picked up at the dollar tree!  I created two labels, 'books to read' and 'books finished'.  I laminated them.  I attached them to the basket with a large pop dot from the scrapbooking section.  I was going to use Velcro with the sticky back to it but I couldn't find mine this morning.  Boo.  You could also just punch holes in the corners and tie them on with ribbon, string, or even a zip-tie.

I filled up the one side with books from the BOTTOM of the large basket for Gabe to read this week!  He can still pick which books he reads but now it wont be the same ones over and over again!

Once he is finished he can stick them on the other side.  When I forget to fill out his reading log I can go back through his finished books & complete it!  I think it will be rewarding for him to watch the other side fill up & see his accomplishments for that week!

At the end of each week I will rotate the basket with new books to read!  Then hopefully we won't have the same books showing up all the time!

Download this free printable & create your own baskets at home!  You can even do it for your own books that are just sitting on your shelf!  There's nothing like a stack of finished books to make you feel like you accomplished something!

Happy Reading Friends!

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  1. Saw you at Tip Junkie. I love your labels! We recently put a bookshelf in our living room but it really needs organized!

  2. I have the same baskets! These labels will work perfectly!



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