Saturday, February 4, 2012

Little Projects

I have been waiting for a while to share some of these pictures because I didn't want my friend to see her gift before the shower!  I had been working really hard on these sweet little creations!  I was going through her registry one day & saw the Dr. Seuss book she registered for & she is pregnant with twins so what other time can I make up a fun Dr. Seuss, Thing 1/Thing 2 gift basket! never!
 Adorable, ruffle bottom onesies.

I spent a rainy day making bibs....
 I made these awesome bibs using the tutorial from Sew She Sews it was an awesome tutorial!  She actually used some fabric in between but I opted not to do that & just did terry cloth on the back & I think they would be heavy enough for food....and drool.

I also made my first set of burp cloths.  I will definitely be making more of these!  They were so fun & pretty easy to do.  They would be even easier if it was just 1 piece of fabric but I like to make it difficult and have to piece several fabrics together.

And add ric rac :-)

 I made my first pair of babylegs!  I guess this was a project of lots of firsts!  I followed this tutorial  from Little Birdies for the babylegs....however....I was too lazy to go double check the way you were suppose to stitch them together so I did it wrong & ended up with this little ruffle--which in the end I loved!


We have spent the past 2 Saturdays with my MIL coming over to play games!  Last weekend we played several rounds of Rummikub!  So much fun!

I put new scripture on our chalkboard...

 Decorated our mantel for the first time....

I even tackled our laundry room!  

My wonderful hubby put these shelves up for me in our laundry room because we don't have a big, fancy pantry.  I needed some extra storage & we NEVER use that door.  So, we hung shelves!  The thing is, is that we just started throwing stuff on them....
 well...and it ended up looking like this.  Not very pretty, huh?
 We also moved our dogs to the laundry room too!

 I decided to FINALLY tackle the laundry room!
I made some cute labels for my jars & baskets!
 I read on an organizational website that everything needs to have a home.  If you have clutter around your house it is because you haven't given it a home!  SOOO....I gave everything in my laundry room & on my shelves a new home!

So much better!

I made little chevron tags that I laminated & pinned to the basket liners...extra k-cups, paper goods, extra Ziploc bags, paper towels, light bulbs, laundry cleaners, dryer sheets...etc.

I added more hooks for my aprons that are always falling down.

 Lots of little projects going on around our house! 

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  1. Really nice! Love the Dr. Seuss work and the laundry room! I am in major need of decluttering..... it's shameful haha.



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