Monday, February 6, 2012

Super Bowl

I'm sure like many we all gathered around our flat screen & watched the big game last night!  I am proud to say that I actually WATCHED the game!  It was a lot of fun!  We are Cowboys fans so it didn't really matter who won but I cheered for the Ginats because that's my Dads team...and Bill cheered for the Patriots because well...that's his Dad's team!

The whole family came over & a few friends to eat, watch the game, and eat some more! 

I used the printables from Living Locurto.  Aren't they so much fun!  I think the straw flags were my favorite!

I also made these yummy buffalo bites.  We have been doing pretty good eating healthy & I had already committed to pizza & chips but I knew my hubby could really go for wings.  But they are soo bad for you.  When I saw my friend Falecia post this recipe from Emily Alvers I knew I had to try it!  Super Delish!

I even reheated some for lunch today & they were just as good!  I had them with some celery & carrots & low-fat blue cheese.  yummy! 

Hope y'all had a fun Super Bowl!

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