Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I've Been MIA

This year has been incredibly insane!  My blog has definately taken a seat on the wayyy back burner!  But oh well-such is life with 2 kids, a hubby, a part-time job {out of the house}, a part-time job {in the house}, keeping the house, being PTA President for my son's school this year & being a small group leader!  Wow-it was a crazy year!  Some of my role are over & the hats have been hung!  I hope this summer I can invest a little more time into getting my blog up & running again.  Now that I have streamlined my business into just doing party stuff instead of trying to conquor the paper craft industry it has made my life MUCH MUCH easier!  I totally LOVE it!  Not saying I might not veer off here & there and offer some neat {limited time only} stuff but my main focus is parties!

Seriously, it's so awesome to know that I get to create party decor and what not, hand make them from beginning to end, pouring my heart & soul into every layer I stick together & know that I am 100% satisfied with a product & that it gets displayed all over the country!  Making sweet little mommas happy that their parties look great, and daddy's a little more broke.  :-)  But hey-those little kids are worth it!  I love doing what I get to do.  

I love shopping around for that perfect sheet of paper that I MUST have because I NEVER know when I MIGHT need it - but it's so darn cute that I won't EVER use it - in fear that I won't ever find it again!  Ha! 

I hope in the days to come I can fill y'all in on what we have been up to & where we are headed...

Much Love!


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