Friday, June 22, 2012

Crafts & Cupcakes

This week I had a sweet friend come over for a much needed craft day!  I posted about summer wreaths and my front door was in need of some love!  So check out just what we were up to!

I figured since we were making fun summer wreaths why not make some yummy LEMON CUPCAKES & lemon water!

I totally cheated & made quick cupcakes with my kiddos that morning!  I used a lemon cake mix & a vanilla icing & garnished the tops with a cute little lemon wedge!

Summer Wreath

I picked up one of these fabulous frames at Hobby Lobby for half off!

Gathered all my SUPPLIES:
Spray Primer
Spray Paint
Wide Ribbon
Yard Stick
(die cut or stickers)
(kept some from the frame)
Hot Glue Gun

We took our frames outside to prime & paint!
 I did light yellow and
 Lindsay did robin egg blue!

While we were layering paint we worked on our flowers for the front!

You need to measure out 1 yard of ribbon, mark a half inch in from the end and then one inch after that.
 Then simply weave back & forth starting from the front pattern side.  Once you get to the end just pull the knotted end where you started from out a little & tie both ends together and trim the extra thread.  
 You get a fabulous little rosette that we hot glued a button to in the middle.  I followed this tutorial.

You can leave it plan or add the little pennant banner that we freehanded-cut out triangles from decorative paper, and place your letters on top.  I just hot glued it to some twine.  Wrapped it around the back and glued the twine to the back of the frame.

These little flowers also make fantastic hair clips as well!

Can't wait for another Crafts & Cupcakes kind of day!

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  1. They are super cute!! Love them! Thanks for sharing the link with me! :)



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