Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Crafts & Cupcakes

I hope you follow along with our Crafts & Cupcakes parties we are having!  Nothing beats a craft date with friends!  This week it happened to be my mom and kids!  We had a tie dye party!  It was so much fun!

We kind of had an impromptu craft day so I rummaged through my pantry to see if I could whip up some cupcakes.  Instead of traditional cupcakes I decided to do brownie cupcakes!  In half of them I did peanut butter and the other half just plain!

Grab your favorite brownie mix & mix together as directed on the box!
To make PB Brownie Cupcakes I just added a scoop of  brownie mix, a tablespoon of PB, and then covered the PB with a half a scoop of brownie batter on top to cover it up!

For the plain ones I just did 2 scoops of brownie batter.

I did line the pan with cupcake wrappers which I knew might be risky.  But it actually wasn't TOO bad (it did stick a little) however if I made them again I would skip the liner.  I would just spray the pan & pour everything in just like above.

You could also stick them in a liner once they have cooled to make them cute.



Tie-Dye Fun!

While I was out of town my mom picked up this fun little tie-dye kit!

It came with everything we needed to dye some shirts!  Even my 3 year old had a fun time with it!  It was fairly mess free!  Just add water to the dye bottles, dampen or pre-wash your shirts (don't dry), pick your design and tie up with rubber bands and dye away!  We did wear gloves to protect our hands and cover some areas with plastic trash bags.

Gabe did the traditional spiral twist....

Lily wanted to keep hers flat and "paint" on it so I let her!  {I did add a trash bag under hers}

My Mom brought a dark colored shirt and used the darker colors on it and bleach!  

Gabe also did a blue shirt 
 and Lily a pink shirt!
 My Moms looks kind of camo...it might just be a shirt to wear at home.  :-)

I also did the spiral twist!

We wrapped them with plastic wrap and let them sit for about 10 hours before washing them in hot water & drying them.  If I do them again then I would let them sit over night before washing.  But my kids REALLY wanted to wears their shirts the next day so I washed them!  The colors did fade some.

Gabe's Shirts

Lily's Shirts

My Shirt!

Hope you follow along with all of our crafts & cupcakes!

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  1. they came out great mone is like olive green ha ha ha



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