Monday, July 2, 2012

Balloon Garland

A couple months ago a LOCAL customer asked me if I would make a ballon banner for her.  My response was you want the shapes to be in balloons??  No, she wanted an ACTUAL balloon banner!  So, of course I said YES!  She attached this tutorial and I thought it looked easy enough!

Soo when the morning came I blew up balloons and it went a lot like this....

 An air compressor-PRAISE GOD!

 And lots and lots of balloons!

 Then I sewed-yes-s-e-w-e-d them into clusters of 4 and then sewed them into big long strands!

 I used plain, unflavored, wax, dental floss!  It worked like a charm!

 Don't mind the mess...I got them done along with several other orders that day!  

 Then we carefully bagged them all up to deliver them!  Yep, my hubby helped with this part!

 My van was STUFFED!

 This is what it all looked like the next day when she tied the large clusters together!  A beautiful garland!  How fun is that?

If you are interested in a balloon garland for your next party or event-contact me at

1 comment:

  1. Wow, you are so creative. It turned out gorgeous. So proud of all your work.



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