Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Look What I Found

I thought Lily was being awfully quiet this morning which we all know that is never a good thing.  The last time I checked on her (5 mins. prior) she was pulling books off Gabe's shelves & looking at them & I told her to get a few & get out of his room.  She always destroys it!  So I assumed she went into the living room with her books & where the TV was on.  So I did a couple things & went to go check on her thinking she was still in Gabe's room this whole time.  I went there to look & she wasn't there.  So I checked her room, not there.  She must be laying on the couch & I didn't see her, nope, wrong again!  I looked in Gabe's closet (where the toys are) and in her room again, not there.  I went to my room thinking she got into the lotion or bandaids again!  Oh no it was much worst!  This is what I found!

She had ripped my makeup bag apart!  She had bronzer beads crushed on the floor & into the knees of her jeans, broke my headband, pulled my make-up brushes apart, had earrings, on the floor, pulled out things from under the sink, had a gob of fiber gum (hair product) smeared across her head, and was in the midst of unscrewing mascara when I found her.  As she so cutely put her thumb in her mouth as I began to discipline her!  Oh boy!

1 comment:

  1. Hahahahahahaha!!! Sorry, I know it's never good when they get into mischief, but she's so cute! And why do they always go for the bronzing beads?!



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