Monday, November 29, 2010

Turkey Cookie Fun

I went on-line to scope out what kind of turkey cookies there were out there because lets be honest I have been waiting for the day that my kids go to school & I get to make fun stuff with them for each holiday there is!  I don't know who was more excited about the cookies, me or Gabe!  :-)  I stumbled across these ones!  I couldn't resist!  Just look how adorable they are!

So, I gathered all of my ingredients:
2 pkgs double stuffed oreos
Reese PB Cups
Candy Corn
White Icing
Food Coloring

Of course one cute helper!
 I colored some of my white icing orange with the food coloring.
 You put a little icing in-between the cookies & gently stick in candy corn
(I stuck mine in the fridge until they set up)
 Squeeze icing on bottom oreo & place feathers on top, add the pb cup (slice off a small part of it to make it have a flat surface)
 Add the whopper for the head, white icing for the eyes, and black for the eyeballs, orange for the feet!
 Ta-da!  They are done!
 So cute!
The kids loved them at Gabe's feast!

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