Friday, April 8, 2011

Caution Enter At Your Own Risk

I love my blog and I don't get to write as often as I would like to because I have other things in my life that need my attention that are more of a priority.  Let's be honest I don't always have very many exciting things going on in my life.  However one amazing thing is that Lily is starting to tee tee on the potty, what what!  I'm super stoked!  Let's keep our fingers crossed that she is finally getting it because I am tired of buying diapers!

It is finally spring...well it feels more like summer here in Texas but seasonally it is still spring which calls for a little spring cleaning.  I kicked it off a few weeks ago with my kitchen-organizing my drawers, cabinets & things like that.  I said I started it doesn't mean I have finished them all yet!  :-)  My kids rooms are out of control-did you hear me?  OUT OF CONTROL!  Both of them!  Check out these crazy and somewhat embarrassing pictures of Gabe's room!

I am all about being honest so let's be honest...this was his current room as of this morning!  Seriously?  Am I really going to post this?  It was out of control a little messy.  :-/  Normally when Gabe "cleans" his room it gets shoved on the bookshelf, in the closet & under the bed.  I don't typically care if there room is a little messy because it's THERE room!  It's a place where they can relax, be free from all the structure & not have to fit into anyone's mold.  It's there space.  If he wants to have it a little messy whatever, I don't care!  Well this has been a project I have been putting off for some time because I mean just look at it!  So I went in with trash bags & tackled it before my collecting, pack-rat, of a son got home from school.  Boy am I glad that I did!  I tossed out 1 trash bag & a half full of junk!  

So check it out now....

Pretty impressive I know!  I still have some organizational skills (not as much as my ocd sister-in-law) but I got'em!   I hope to make some cute little chalkboard signs this weekend for his baskets.  I even took the time to hang up a few things.  Like the Cowboy's pennant that was Bill's when he was little. 

Along with his new posters from the book fair, his chalkboard wall decals (that he has had since Christmas, shhhh) and his Imagination Movers poster he got from the show.  I finally took down the hanging snowflakes from the ceiling, and put up his Christmas tree-don't judge me!  Better late than never!  I dusted & vacuumed every square inch that was possible in his room today!  Made up his bed with fresh linens, & put away his clothes!  

I am a mom on a room at a time!

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