Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Midland Farmer's Market

This year you can find Papercutz at the local farmer's market!  We are so excited to be out there with the warm sunshine & all of the local people.  It is so much fun!  You will find us there every other weekend.

I really wish I brought my camera to take some fabulous pictures but I forgot so you will just have to wait until this weekend & come check us out & hopefully next week I will get some pictures to post.  I was really going to try & be at Stanton Trade days but we helped with a conference at our church this past weekend and it was just going to put way too much stress and pressure on my family this week to get ready for it.  So we will be there in June!

My dad is also venturing out on his creative side and is making some adorable teacup bird feeders or garden decor if you don't want to be feeding the birds!  He also makes some fabulous planter boxes & trays out of reclaimed wood.  Definitely a must see!

Be sure to visit there website and find them on Facebook.

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