Friday, February 4, 2011

Purses Anyone?

I have been so busy with orders lately!  I thought I would show you one of them!  I had a customer fall in love with these mini treat bags on Etsy.  She loved the way they looked, how they folded, the handle, the monogram...etc.

I must admit they are cute.  ;-)  She was hoping to fit a little bit more in them so I started to brainstorm for her!  I came up with this.

 How fun, right?
 I folded the paper, included a bag I cut down so she could fill it but have the same look on the outside.
 I even included some round, velcro so they could be opened & closed like a real purse!
Best of all, they can ship flat!  I was proud of my little creation & thought I would share it with you!  These purses can be purchased for $2.00 each and can be customized with any color you would like!



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