Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow Day

It was a declared snow day at our house yesterday!  Gabe had a 2 hour delay the day before, arrived to school & basically went to P.E., had lunch, watched movies & colored for the day.  When I found out we had another 2 hour delay the next day Bill thought it would be best for him just to stay home.  So, that's what we did!  Here's what our day looked like.

Fun Morning Outside (for a little bit) 

Even the dogs wanted to be outside!

We came inside for some snow cones of course! 
(hot cocoa is over-rated)

 We had our special lunch!  My kids LOVE eating this way!  I save it for special days!

We took a second trip outside for some color fun!

This girl loves her boots!  A true Texan!

We came in for Lily's nap & Gabe's craft time!
(wish 5 years olds still took naps, haha)
 We finished our day off with Pizza Hut (Gabe's pick), Ice Cream (another one of Gabe's picks), and Monopoly!  (which will continue tonight)
I <3 Snow Days!

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  1. Fun! Now you just have to send them up here for a real snow day.



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