Sunday, October 10, 2010

Great Friend

We had a fun play date last week with my great, sweet, caring, and ever so thoughtful friend Shawna and her crew!  I say crew because she watches her nephew's and another little baby so she carts 5 kids around with her each day!  Pure craziness.  The noise alone would drive me to...well you know....drink!  She is so kind and thoughtful and is always thinking of others before herself.  When we had our play date she brought all of her polish to do my toes!  What a treat!  (for me)  If you have ever seen my nasty, cracked, rough's true friendship let me just tell you that!  It was so kind of her to think of me in such a little way and it made me feel so special!  She is so full of joy & the love of God...with 5 kids!  I wouldn't be that's for sure, ha!  She's one of those friends who are real with you, tell you to suck it up when that's not what you want to hear, but then can also make you laugh 'til your belly hurts!  I love her dearly!  Here's a few snapshots of our fun afternoon.  (she also painted Lily's nails too)

This is me and my sweet friend Shawna...this is an old picture from this summer.

Lily's nail's with a flower!  Okay so I never took any of my toes but they were a fun kelly green color with yellow flowers!  SO FUN!  I have a FABULOUS friend!

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