Monday, September 26, 2011

Comment Sale

Thursday night I celebrated hitting over 500 fans on my Papercutz facebook page with a comment sale. (if u don't like my page---you should!)  I felt like a little goal was met.  I got to have my very first comment sale which went great!  I have to admit though when we first started the sale I kept adding pictures and saw that no one was commenting on ANYTHING.  My heart kind of sank.  I started to get nervous, slightly disappointed.  My husband came out to see how things were going and I was like ummm, it's a slow start, but people are probably just getting on now but it's fine--the famous--I don't care.  But inside I was cringing from the thought of failure.

Little did I know-once I hit the refresh button I noticed that my page actually had exploded.  People were commenting on EVERYTHING-I just needed to refresh the page-ummm can we say, duh!  That boost my adrenaline and I was super excited to keep posting pictures.  It ended up being so much fun & such a success!  I can't wait to do it again!

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