Monday, September 12, 2011

The Sweet Life

Ahhh the kids are in bed, the house is cleaned, and my husband is not home!  It amazes me how when he leaves & I know I am on my own for the night how my laziness turns off & I jump into this crazy mommy mode!  I mean all of a sudden the door shuts & I am cleaning the house, doing laundry, bathing kids, getting snacks, reading bible stories, threatening them one more time if they don't go to bed I am turning off the light!  Maybe it's like a challenge.  How much I can get done before he gets home.  I was home all day today,while Lily was at school & I didn't have that same motivation, weird!

My favorite part of tonight-besides going to bed with a clean house-and getting to read the bible story before bed (usually daddy's job)-was that I leave Gabe notes in his lunch box every day.  I actually printed off these fun cards that I can just cut & toss in his lunch.  Tonight while doing laundry I found it inside his shorts pocket...along with his napkin  :-)  It just touched my heart.  To think that he saved my little love note & carried it with him in his pocket for the rest of the day.  It made me smile...maybe even a little tear to my eye.  So what if he's a slight hoarder & wanted to add it to one of his many collections.  I will dwell in the fact that he didn't just dump it in the trash when cleaning up from lunch.  He took the time to fold up his napkin & put his note in his pocket.  Precious!

I am so glad that I send him little notes in his lunch every day.  I know one day sooner than I am hoping he will out grow it & won't want momma to send him notes anymore in his lunch.  Tonight my heart rejoices-I am blessed beyond measure!

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