Monday, September 26, 2011

Dallas Trip

Friday morning we busted out & took off to Dallas with some friends for the weekend to go see a concert.  (our brave & amazing friends kept our kids with them for the weekend here)  We drove out in our fabulous minivan-hey-don't knock it unless you've had one-they are awesome!  Jessi & I got to lounge in the back seats, watch Bridesmaids & Couples Retreat-hilarious!  The guys drove, listened to us laughing, & navigated us to Dallas in the front!  It was fabulous.  We got to eat at a yummy restraunt that night-Chuy's-fab-u-lous!  It really was yummy!  I might of just had a few swirly, fruity drinks, with salt on the rim.  Yup-2 to be exact!  (for me that's a TON, ha!)

We took off for the concert-Matt Nathanson, Train & Maroon 5.  It was ah-mazing!  I seriously don't love concerts but this was so much fun.  We had lawn seating-another fruity drink-and friends.  It was great!  Saturday & Sunday pretty much consisted of eating & shopping.  We went to a pretty suh-weet dinner & movie joint.  The kind where you eat while you watch a movie.  Can it get much better than that?  Sunday we finally came home & rescued our friends who had been keeping our kids busy all weekend long.

It's so nice to get away with your spouse & without your kids.  BUT there's nothing more that I wanted to do when I go home was to hold them, kiss them, snuggle them, & hang out with them.  I missed them SOO much!  We had such a good time!

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