Friday, September 9, 2011

What I whipped up....

I FINALLY finished this little 3-tiered display to hold all of my lovely punches that I use all the time!  Instead of them all being piled into a bucket on my work table I came across this original idea on Pintrest.

I did score some of those lovely old baking pans at an estate sale recently but could only find the bottom two.  So, I waited a few weeks, visited the antique mall and still nothing!  I got impatient and decided to do this...

I added a pail I already had and I actually LOVE it!  I can put all the small punches in it & stand them up!

Here it is all filled up!

I already had the candle sticks-the clear glass ones-I primed & painted them-used E6000 to attach them to my pans & voila!  How fun, right?  I can also take it to my shows & use it as a display piece too!  

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