Friday, January 7, 2011

Better Late Than Never Take 2

On the first night of Christmas break we hung with the 2 greatest people ever!  
Guncle Jake & Aunt Jessi!

They are like family!

 We went & saw some lights at the Starbright Village!

 We went to the Museum of the Southwest!

They had all these fabulous quilts on display!

This is really what it's like trying to get a picture of my kids!  It makes me laugh!
They also had all the trains going!

Then we played at the Children's Museum!

Christmas Eve!
We made our birthday cake to celebrate Jesus' birth!
We went to a candle light service at our church.

Then we went over to Nanny's house for appetizers & stockings!

Then home for our present on Christmas Eve!  New Jammies!

This is what our house looked like Christmas Eve!

My favorite part of the whole morning!  'What God Wants For Christmas'

Gabe wanted to do this before he even opened gifts!  Then he wanted us to open the gifts he made us before he even wanted to open anything!  I was so proud!

You saw the before picture!  This was the after!  Can we say blessed?  Umm...yeah we sure can!

Christmas day morning we went to Nanny's to open gifts!  Then back home for a nap!

Gea & Poppy's for Dinner!

Over break we also did some painting...

We also got to go see Yogi bear, Gea & Poppy took them to Chuckie Cheese!  We had a fabulous break!

Here's a few more snapshots of what our house looked like this Christmas!

Hope you & your family all have a fabulous Christmas & New Year!  

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