Sunday, January 23, 2011

Front or Top?

Our dryer has been on the brinks for well since we got it.  We bought it brand new but for some reason it just never fully dried our clothes unless we ran them 2 times through.  We just figured it was due to the apartment and the long venting for the moist air to get out of.  Lowe's even replaced it for us with a little better one than the Roper!  It's all we could afford and I was just grateful we didn't have to go to the laundry mat.  So, when we bought our house it continued to do the same thing so we had the heating element replaced in it.  It continued to do the same thing so we just sucked it up & figured well this is how its got to be.  So, since we have lived here I have to dry each load 2-3 times each.  Talk about a long day of laundry, seriously!  Last week our washer started to leak out the front.  For real?  Now we have been saving for a long time to buy a new washer and dryer but taking that plunge is umm...well...kind of scary!  We never want to make a hasty decision when spending money...especially a lot of it.  I always dreamt of these beautiful front loaders that are energy start with those fabulous drawers underneath beaming from my laundry room calling my name to toss my dirty laundry into.  Okay not quite but they are pretty fabulous! I knew they were expensive & I knew we have been saving but to be quite honest I felt like why do I need those big huge machines that wash a large amount of laundry & look oh so fine?  That's just it, I didn't!  Once we got to Sear's (our favorite large appliance store) after browsing on-line I knew that we were leaning towards some HE Top Loaders!  Yep, I said it, top loader.  It just sounds kind of dated, right?  Well, WRONG!  I was shocked to find out that these fabulous, wonderful, clothes washing machines were even bigger than some of those oh so fine front loaders!  Not to mention the money we would be saving on them simply because we didn't have to pay for those ridiculously over priced bases.  We walked out of Sear's purchasing a brand spankin new Washer & Dryer that are HUGE compared to our what 3.2 cu ft washer & 3x through dryer!  I am amped, juiced, pumped out of my gourd to get a new washer & dryer!  My favorite part of it all...we paid CASH!  Not only that but we left with 100.00 in our pocket that we didn't even need to spend on them!  Plus they get delivered, installed & they are taking our old ones away.  FABULOUS!  I praise God for allowing us to be faithful with our saving, content with what we can afford, and not feel like we need to over spend, over indulge in something we don't really need.  I'll be sure to post pictures once my new beauties arrive!

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