Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Better Late Than Never

Well, I finally got a minute to sit down and get some more Christmas pictures up!  I figured if I wanted to blog about the new year I better finish out the last one first!  I have been so busy with my business this holiday season that if I was on-line it was to do that!  

Gabe just went back to school today.  Christmas break has officially ended & we are kicking off Kindergarten with a bang...kind of.  Today he wasn't exactly jumping for joy because he had to go back to school...but who was?  Okay I was but it was just a little jump.  :-)  It's not like I am kidless or anything I still have my little "destroyer" here.  She's the one who reminds me on an hourly basis that it's pointless to clean!  

Gabe finished up his quarter great!  He's still not IN LOVE with school but I hear once he gets there he does fine.  He's still a man of few words about his day.  We make him tell us 3 things he did that day and every day 2 out of the three consist of recess & lunch so that leaves just one thing left.  He has been testing really well & is reading really well!  I am super proud of him!

Now that I have rambled on about Gabe it's time to get back to those Christmas pictures.  I have so many to post!  I kind of thought I was going to be better about this but I wasn't!

I saw these really cute reindeer candies in a magazine so I had to make them with Gabe for his class.  I love that he is old enough now to help with this stuff & he loves doing it.
 As we were getting the chocolates ready Lily came out from Gabe's room dressed like this!
 and the back!  She walked around like this the whole night!
 Then we were putting on mini red m&m's for the rudolph noses.
 A little melted while chocolate & a mini chocolate chip for the eyes.
 broken pretzels for the antlers.  That was the hardest part.  The picture actually showed a whole pretzel but we don't have the TINY twist ones so my fabulous hubby came up with this idea which I actually like better!
 Gabe had his party the very next day!  I brought these reindeer & sugar cookies for them to decorate with icing & sprinkles.  Some of the other parents did pizza, cupcakes, & sprite.

 Gabe made a gingerbread house at school, cute!
 Gabe's good friend Isaiah working on his cookie!

That was the last day of school before Christmas vacation!  We were all so excited for Christmas break & couldn't wait for it to come & well now it's already over!  Can't wait to show you what else we did!

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