Monday, January 17, 2011

Crop Event

Okay friends, I know I have been promoting my workshop on the 27th well let's bump it one night to the 28th!  I will be hosting a Crop Event you will NOT want to miss.  Stampin' Up Demonstrator along with myself will be hosting a workshop/crop event Friday & Saturday January 28th & 29th.  Friday will be in the evening & Saturday will be all day!  You can come & do workshop type projects where things are cut & prepped out for you or you can simply bring your own things & crop!  Come work on that baby book or vacation you have been meaning to for the past 3 years!  Get your girlfriends ready & come hang out with us!  We will have some yummy food, along with fun tips, giveaways, & lots of laughter!  Prices will vary & I will let you know what they will be.  It is simply to help cover the costs of the projects we are doing!

I hope you gather up your friends & come over to hang out with us for the evening or for a few hours on Saturday!  I'll most more details & pictures of our projects soon!

1 comment:

  1. Sounds fun! Will the workshops be the same each day? I'm thinking I can make Friday! :)



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