Thursday, May 19, 2011

Why I LOVE The Gym

This morning I brought Gabe to school like most days & was going to hit up the gym most days.  I had been playing phone tag with a customer & for some reason I wasn't getting her text messages.  So, as I left the house this morning I still hadn't heard from her about if we were meeting or not.  So, I went on with my morning & did what I normally do most days.  I get Lily checked in, run upstairs & get settled up on my elliptical.  Water-check, Towel-check, Magazine-check, Music blasting through my earbuds-check, people watching-check, check, check!  :-)  (I love to people watch)  I am finishing up my warm-up & my phone rings and it is my customer!  So, I do what most people would do-I agree to meet her.  In 30 minutes!  Customer's come first, right?  So, 6 minutes in I get down from the elliptical, I run back downstairs & get Lily.  Rush out to the car & go meet my customer so she can drop off her gift to her child's teacher.  I tell you all this because once I got back into my car I told Lily we are going back to the Y so Mommy can workout.  She proceeds to cry hysterically so I decided it wasn't worth it & I would just get on the treadmill when I got home.  I told her in the car once we get home you need to go in your room & play while mommy is on the treadmill.  Yes Ma'me she says through her tears.  So, she does just that...this is why I love the I work out...I never hear....

I can't find my baby
I can't find my bottle
Can you open my house?
I need to go potty
Can I come out yet?
I want to watch toons
I can't get my tutu on
Can I come out?
Please mommy...

After 30 minutes-that's all just 30 minutes I am done.  I can't take much more yelling to her because I am yelling over my music, over the treadmill, through my heavy breathing.  It is not enjoyable at all.  I am frustrated, I am annoyed, I just want 30 minutes!

While at the gym I get to...
Put Lily in the nursery to socialize with other kids her age
She gets to play with toys, have a snack
I get to put my earbuds in, listed to my christian music
Flip through a magazine-the whole thing-from cover to cover
I don't have to listen to any whining (unless it's me)
I don't have to watch cartoons
I have 60-90 minutes of pure, sweaty, bliss!
I get to leave feeling refreshed by God's goodness as I soak in his truths through my music.  I am ready to pick up my child.  I am feeling like I stopped & actually took care of myself.  I feel so much better!

Thank God for new days.  I am ready to hit the gym again in the morning-like most days!

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