Saturday, May 7, 2011

Custom Printable Invitations

Digital downloads are becoming more and more popular.  The thing I love about a digital file is that you get it almost instantly, it is free shipping & you can print it right at home!  Now if you don't want to bother with the printing and the trimming of invitations or punching out cupcake toppers than you can take your file to a local print shop such as Staples and they will print & trim them for you!  This week I had several orders for some customized printable invitations.  Check them out!

I didn't design all of these this week but several I did.  A few of them are from past orders! 

I love handmade invites for special occasions like showers & weddings.  I love printable invites for my kids parties!  Everything else I love to be handmade.  It's all in the details!  Which do you prefer?

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